Home Is Where The Bike Is – Six Of The Best Bike Storage Ideas

A bike on a wall rack as a storage idea

Cycling is a great hobby, but one of the biggest issues is what to do with your bike when you’re not out riding it. Not everyone has access to outside storage spaces, some people live in a multi-cycle household, and some people have a multi-cycle habit! And while our bikes may be our babies, not everyone in our household might feel the same.

There are plenty of bike storage ideas out there, from garage bike racks to wall bike racks, but before we take a look there are a few things you need to think about:

  • Do you need to store your bike inside or out?
  • Can you fix things to your walls, or do you need something freestanding?
  • Do you want them on display, or hidden away?
  • How many bikes do you need to store?
  • Do you want something aesthetically pleasing, or practical?
  • Does it need to be lockable?

Here are a few options when it comes to bike storage ideas.

1. Floor Racks

Pros – These are one of the easiest kinds of bike storage, there’s no installation so you can move them around if you need to.

Cons – They can still take up a lot of floor space, and they’re often not compatible with smaller bikes.

These are best for if you have plenty of floor space, in a garage, for example, and for when you use your bike on a regular basis.

a yellow bike on a floor rack as a storage idea

2. Horizontal Wall Racks

Pros – These don’t take up any floor space and don’t stick too far out into the room. They require little installation; some just lean against the wall, making them ideal if you’re renting (or terrible at DIY…). They’re also easy to use.

Cons – They can take up a lot of wall space and can be difficult to use if you want to use them for more than one bike, as you’ll have to lift the second/third bike.

These can be big and hold a few bikes, or they can just be a small bracket suitable for one, turning your bike into what you know it is – a work of art.

3. Vertical Wall Racks

Pros – They don’t take up as much wall space and it’s as easy to hang one bike as it is two. They can also be fairly simple to install as the simpler versions are just a hook.

Cons – They stick out into the room so are quite intrusive, and there’s more manoeuvring needed to position the bike.

With this kind of bike rack, you need to lift the front of the bike, as though you’re performing a wheelie, and attach it by its front wheel. They are good for when you have more than one bike but preferably in a larger space, such as a garage.

four bike tyres on a ceiling rack as a bike storage idea

4. Ceiling Racks

Pros – Similar to the kind of storage you see for things like kayaks and ladders, these are a very efficient use of space as they don’t take up any wall/floor space.

Cons – You need a high ceiling for these, installation is more complicated and they’re not as straightforward to use; it uses a pulley system and takes a while to set up. It’s also difficult to switch between different bikes.

This is more of a last option and better for bikes that aren’t used regularly. With some you attach one hook to the seat, one to the handlebars, and hoist it up with a cable. With others they simply hang upside down. They of course come with a safety lock.

5. Freestanding Racks

Pros – You don’t need a wall for these, they’re easy to install and you can move them around if needed.

Cons – They’re difficult to use if you have more than one bike, as you’ll have to lift the second bike as you position it.

Some of these can be fixed between the floor and ceiling, which isn’t so good if you have high ceilings, but some are compact and portable and are great for just one bike, so you can take them anywhere. It all depends on your budget.

lots of bike wheels being stored outside

6. Outdoor Storage

Pros – You don’t have your bike(s) in the house, and they don’t take up valuable garage/shed space. It’s also weatherproof.

Cons – You need a decent-sized, flat area to put it in, there’s more assembly/preparation needed, and it could end up being more expensive.

This is the ideal solution if you have a garden.


This is probably one of the main things to consider when thinking about where you’re going to store your bike. Recent studies show that the number of bicycle thefts in England and Wales in 2022/23 was 77,148, which roughly means that a bike is stolen every 7 minutes. It’s worth remembering that this figure only relates to reported thefts, so the actual figure could be a lot higher as another study shows that 71% of people who have had their bike stolen didn’t tell the police. Take a look at our guide to preventing bike theft.

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