We’re not going to lie, deciding who you’d like to ask to be your best man or maid of honour for your wedding can be a complete minefield! There might be family politics involved, friends who feel snubbed, or you might find that the person you’ve selected is completely inappropriate. At The Insurance Emporium, we know how tricky it can be, so let us give you a hand in the negotiations with our essential guide on how to choose your best man and maid of honour!

how to choose your best man and maid of honour

I’ll be there for you

You might spend all of your spare time at the moment with your current best friend, but how long have you known them? Will they still be your bestie ten years from now? For your maid of honour or best man, perhaps stick to family or the kind of friend who’s been around for years, through thick and thin!

Under pressure

Consider your potential candidates. Will they be able to handle the responsibility? On top of this, will they take their role seriously? If you don’t think they’ll be able to, or want to, give it their all, they might not be the best choice!

Right on time

On top of being able to handle the responsibility, think about their personal circumstances. Do they have enough time to accompany you to twenty-seven bridal shops? Might their other commitments get in the way? If the answer is yes, you could be doing you both a kindness by selecting someone else.

how to choose your best man and maid of honour

Everybody’s free

If you’re the bride to be and your best friend is male, don’t think you can’t have a man of honour! Likewise, as the groom, feel free to take on a best woman. If you’d rather have a more gender neutral big day, why not combine your two wedding troupes into one team of best people!

Magic number

Speaking of teams, why stick to just one best man and maid of honour? By choosing two or more, they’ll be able to split tasks between them, removing some of the stress. That way, you can assign jobs to different people based upon their strengths, knowing they’ll do all they can to make your nuptials perfect!

Go your own way

The decision of who to pick for these special roles is entirely up to you! Whilst it might make life easier to do what friends or family expect, it could also leave you feeling as if you haven’t been consulted. You could always give other members of your troupe additional responsibilities to make up for it!

how to choose your best man and maid of honour

Take a chance

Can’t decide who to choose? Don’t like the idea of negotiating more than one best man or maid of honour? If the decision is proving to be just too much to bear, why not leave it to chance? Draw names out of a hat or flip a coin! You would need to be certain, however, that whatever the result, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m so excited

It’s great for your maid of honour or best man to be excited, but it could be best if they can hide it! You might not want them telling every single person they know the detailed ins and outs of what you’ve got planned for your big day. Also, if they’re going to be making speeches, choosing someone who isn’t going to completely humiliate you with inappropriate stories might not be a bad idea!

Whoever your best man or maid of honour turns out to be, your wedding day is sure to be special! If you’re currently in the throes of planning for the big day, one thing you might want to consider doing is taking out wedding insurance to help protect your big day. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer seven different Wedding Insurance policies, with cover for Cancellation, Wedding Attire and Wedding Rings, Flowers and Cake available as Standard Benefits. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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