Your Story: Benji the Cocker Spaniel

Most pet owners understand how difficult it can be when our furry friends become ill or injured. Especially when we can’t identify the cause of the problem! That’s what happened earlier this year with John and Muriel when they noticed a problem with their cocker spaniel, Benji. We’ve spoken to the couple all about Benji, their history together, and his injury earlier this year. Read on to find out more!

Benji the cocker spaniel

Benji testimonial

Benji is an eight-year-old cocker spaniel who’s been fit, healthy and active all his life! John and Muriel have always been dog lovers and always had dogs in their home. At eight years old, their cocker spaniel always had a spring in his step and enjoys running across the fields in East Lothian. As you can imagine, when he became injured it was a real worry for the couple.

Benji’s injury

John and Muriel first noticed a problem early this year, when Benji’s injury restricted the dog from his usual routine! “He has always been very active, and seeing our normally lively dog walking with a limp and not running around was very distressing for us,” John explained.

The vet initially suggested that Benji rest for around 12 weeks. During this time, the couple were advised to keep their dog on the lead at all times. He was also given strong painkillers. It was hoped that this would solve the problem.

The operation

Unfortunately, even after trying this, poor Benji was still suffering! “The problem did not disappear,” said John, “and due to lockdown, we were unable to attend the vet’s surgery until June”.

Benji had an X-Ray, and the vet discovered he needed a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy, as he was suffering from cranial cruciate ligament rupture, one of the most common causes of hind limb lameness in dogs. “This meant he would require an operation which involved cutting the bone on his leg, rotating it and stabilising it in a new position with a plate and screws,” John went on to explain. The poor Cocker Spaniel was suffering a great deal of pain.

How is Benji doing now?

Fortunately, the operation was a great success! “We are pleased to say that Benji has recovered well,” John told us. The recovery involved a further 12 weeks of having to be kept on a lead and only taking short walks. But it was definitely worth it to see Benji happy and healthy again.

John and Muriel are delighted with Benji’s recovery! “He is now able to run about as he did before and we can once more enjoy our long walks in the countryside.” We’re happy to hear Benji has made a fantastic recovery!

Benji’s claim with The Insurance Emporium

As many pet owners will know, vet’s fees can become expensive, which can be especially stressful on top of your furry friends being under the weather! Fortunately, John and Muriel had taken out pet insurance for Benji with The Insurance Emporium.

“It was our daughter who recommended that we take out insurance on Benji,” John explained. “We have always found your staff to be very helpful and would have no hesitation in recommending The Insurance Emporium to our family and friends.”

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