Back Garden Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ceremony with flowers outside in the garden with hanging lights

Do you want to do something a bit different for your wedding? Is the traditional big white wedding not your thing? Then the latest trend of back garden weddings might just be for you.

The pandemic hit all industries hard, not least the wedding industry; with lockdowns, changing restrictions and last-minute Covid cases meaning that many weddings had to be cancelled or postponed, and the idea of the traditional big white wedding has slowly evolved. One of the positive things to come out of this is a more relaxed approach to planning a wedding as people have had to be more flexible and imaginative.

Since July 2021, civil weddings can take place outside, and smaller weddings have become the new normal; with the percentage of couples wanting 100 or more guests dropping from 50% to just 17% in the last couple of years, so what could be more intimate (and budget-friendly) than a backyard wedding? Research carried out recently showed that of 1000 people, 56% would be happy with a garden wedding at their own home, with just close friends and family present.

With so many new wedding trends out there, you can be as creative as you want; choosing a unique theme that will really make your day stand out, or keeping it simple and rustic.

So, let’s take a look at some backyard wedding ideas.

Wedding Ceremony with flowers outside in the garden with hanging lights

Ideas For Planning The Perfect Back Garden Wedding

It’s a good idea to work with what you’ve got and embrace the natural backdrop. Lockdown might have turned your fingers green, leaving you with a beautifully landscaped garden, or you might prefer the ‘wilder’ look, but whatever type of garden you have, use the colours and shapes that are already there for inspiration for your décor.

Trees make perfect props for hanging decorations on, or you could use dried flowers instead of fresh for your décor (you can then send them home with guests as wedding favours), as well as having big vases of pampas grass, lavender and heather dotted around.

Wooden decorations such as cake/flower stands will look great in an outdoor setting, and you could mark the different areas with wooden chalkboards and maybe have a large chalkboard that your guests can write on.

Here are some other tips:


Depending on the size of your garden, you could separate it into different zones. It would be good to have a focal point, an archway for example, to get married under, a food and drink area, and somewhere guests can mingle when they arrive. It’s also good to have a chill-out zone; you could bring some furniture outside, some armchairs maybe, even a big soft sofa.


Fairy lights make everything look better, fact! Whether they’re strung from the branches of a tree, or laid around the edge of your dancefloor, they always add a magical quality. You could also use the classic tealights-in-a-jar trick too, or solar lights. A fire pit is great for chilly evenings and is a good focal point, you could even have ingredients for your guests to make smores!


There is no delicate way to talk about this, but the fact is you’re going to have a lot of people in your garden, many of whom may have drunk quite a lot of alcohol, so have a think about how many toilets you have in your house, and whether your plumbing is up to the job. Do you want people going in and out of your house to use your bathroom? If not, you might want to think about hiring a couple of portable toilets.


No wedding is complete without a bit of dad dancing, or maybe you’re having a live band; whatever you choose to do, chances are people will end up dancing at some point so it would be good to have a designated area. If you don’t have a patio or decking already, it might be an idea to put something down, for example, some modular, foam, tiles, or even just a huge rug.

Outdoor wooden welcome board decorated with green branches, basket with umbrellas in case of rain

Of course, it’s your big day and everything will go to plan, but this is the UK, and we can have every season in just one afternoon, so it makes sense to have some kind of shelter; a tent, or a small marquee or gazebo, which will also come in handy if it’s blazing hot sunshine all day. It might be a nice touch to leave blankets/shawls/umbrellas/fans out for your guests to use too. Take a look at some more wedding ideas that your guests will love.

white dog in a suit sitting on a green lawn in the backyard

Here at The Insurance Emporium, we are all about our pets and we know that lots of people would like to include their furry friends on their special day. A back garden wedding is ideal for this as it’s an environment their pet is already familiar and comfortable with, and they already have somewhere to retreat to if it all gets a bit overwhelming. Although we can’t guarantee that Fido won’t run off with the rings!


You might be planning a proper sit-down meal, or have more of an informal buffet in mind, but there are plenty of options to suit all budgets. A barbecue is relaxed and can cater for lots of different dietary requirements, or you could have a charcuterie table and a cheese board. Another idea is to hire a food truck for the day or an ice cream stand.

Wine buckets and candle holders on a wooden bar upheld with a barrel, bushland setting

Bear in mind that if you’re planning on selling alcohol, you need a license; you can apply for one via your local council, which requires a fee. You could create a self-service drinks station if you’re not planning on having a bartender or make pre-mixed cocktails in drinks dispensers. Continue the rustic, wooden theme by using wooden barrels as an outside drinks station.


There’s a lot of hanging around at a wedding, so how about making it more fun by supplying some lawn games? A croquet set, maybe, or a giant game of Jenga is always great fun.

Wedding decor, candles in glass flasks in the forest.


This just goes to show that even during difficult times people still find a way to show their love and commitment, and as the world around us changes, the way people get married changes too. With more awareness of sustainability, and with lots of people trying to manage the cost-of-living crisis, we’re looking towards different ways of celebrating our big days.

However you choose to celebrate your big day, this is your chance to make it your own. The Insurance Emporium has a range of wedding insurance policies to reflect that individuality, with 7 policy types to choose from. It’s such a special day, it’s worth taking a look to see how wedding insurance could give you peace of mind, leaving you free to eat, drink and be married!

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