There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding angling. Some say it’s boring, others that it’s just for old men and many more can’t fathom why anyone would want to sit alone in silence on a riverbank for hours. For a start, whatever the view on fishing, there is no doubting how popular it is. According to the Angling Trust’s Fishing for Life strategy, angling is the sixth biggest sport in the UK, going by monthly participation figures. Up to four million people went fishing between 2010 and 2012, that figure is predicted to have risen, and the report estimates that the sport generates up to £3.5bn a year. Clearly, fishing is in fashion! So, why is angling cool? We put together a handy five point fishing checklist to help you understand why you should start an angling adventure!

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1. Meet new mates!

The image of a lonely angler, sat on a deserted riverbank in the pouring rain couldn’t be more wrong. Fishing is a massively social sport. During one National Fishing Month, over 15,000 people took part in 326 events. So, whether it be loch, lake or reservoir in either April or October, you are bound to be sharing the water with likeminded folk. Head to the same places each week and you could end up finding fishing friends for life!

2. Go green around the gills…

We’re not talking about losing your lunch by the lakeside. Contrary to popular belief, angling isn’t bad for the environment. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Anglers and fish share a mutually beneficial relationship, in which the delicate aquatic and marine ecosystems are maintained by fishermen and the money they bring in, while enjoying their favourite pastime. Being Green is important to us here at the Emporium, if it is for you too, then angling could be the way forward.

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3. Get a tan!

Okay, okay, maybe that is a little bit optimistic given the notoriously capricious nature of the British climate. But angling does force you to get out and about in to the countryside. We have some idyllic fishing spots, peaceful and serene, that you might miss if you’re not out angling. Although there’s a chance it could be wet, you can’t put a price on fresh air. If you’d rather be out appreciating nature rather than cooped up playing Xbox or watching Netflix then angling could be the adventure for you!

4. Time to think

Life is hectic and it can be pretty relentless at times. Whether you’re studying, in work or just retired there is still a lot to do and just as much to think about. The rise of the internet and smart phones mean that these distractions are never far away wherever you might be. Casting your float and listening to the gentle lullaby of water lapping at the river bank can be a great way to unwind and have a good think about the important things in life.

Fishing Insurance

5. Make money!

It’s not guaranteed, not by any stretch of the imagination, but in some circumstances, angling can actually make you money. It all depends on your level of fishing ability but there are plenty of angling competitions with substantial cash prizes for the winners. For instance, the Fish’O’Mania competition, in which 32 qualifying anglers fish off for a chance to win the top prize of £50,000 is the premiere event in the British angling calendar.

Angling can be beneficial in so many ways and it is in no way a boring or lonely activity. If you’ve been inspired to explore the mysteries of British lakes, rivers and reservoirs then you may want to look at fishing insurance that could cover you in the event of the unexpected. The Insurance Emporium offer up to 30% discount on Tweakable fishing insurance, as well as great benefits such as Loss, Theft or Accidental Damage and Unattended Vehicle to save you a trip to the bank after your trip to the bank!

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