Owning a caravan can be the introduction to a world of fantastic and magical adventures. Whether you’re on the road exploring in a tourer, or have found the perfect spot for your static, a caravan holiday could be the perfect getaway. It’s all about relaxing and feeling stress-free, which is where insurance might come in. Insurance for your caravan is not a legal requirement, however it could be very handy should something go awry. At The Insurance Emporium, we want you to enjoy your time in your caravan with as little worry as possible! That’s why we put together this list of five reasons to get caravan insurance!

Caravan insurance

1. Hit the road, Jack!

If you happen to own a touring caravan, one of the scariest things might be hooking it up to the car and towing. With a whole hosts of hazards on the road such as other drivers, chances of a blow-out and narrow country lanes, having cover whilst you tow your caravan could be important. Hopefully nothing will happen whilst you’re hitched up to your caravan but having the peace of mind that you’re covered could help make it less stressful.

2. International ‘van of mystery

With The Insurance Emporium Quest policy type, paid lunar monthly, you get up to 280 days European Cover as standard. This means that you’ll have plenty of time to explore the continent in your caravan! It can be stressful travelling abroad in an unfamiliar country, particularly if you’re taking your prized caravan and many of your possessions along with you. Having cover whilst in Europe could be helpful if something goes wrong on your travels.

Caravan insurance

3. Public Liability

When you’re heading on a caravan holiday, the thought of a public liability claim arising might not be the first thing on your mind but it’s certainly a possibility! It could be that you’ve set your awning up and high winds have blown it into a neighbouring caravan or the unthinkable has happened and a fire has started in your caravan, spreading through the site. We hope that these things never happen but having some public liability cover in place could be vital in helping you avoid a huge bill should the worst occur!

4. Alternative accommodation

Whether you’ve got a week away planned in your static, or you’re already half way through your touring break, if something happens to your caravan and makes it uninhabitable it can be a real nightmare! Having to cut short your holiday could be heartbreaking. However, you might not have to head home if you have insurance with Alternative Accommodation^ cover. This could potentially provide reimbursement towards a new place to stay, helping you enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Caravan insurance

5. Kick back and relax!

Getting away in your caravan is often about one thing; relaxation. A holiday is all about escaping the stresses of everyday life and unwinding, the last thing that you want is worry whilst you’re away! We believe that insurance is there to try and offer you the peace of mind that, should something go wrong, you have something in place to help you out. We can’t always stop the unexpected from occurring but we can try to put some protection in place for when it does. Having insurance might just leave you free to sit back and relax!

A caravan holiday is something that you probably look forward to all year! Hitting the road and heading off for some much needed rest and relaxation might be the perfect tonic to the everyday hustle and bustle of life! Ensuring that you’ve got some insurance for your caravan might be as important as packing your swimming trunks before you head away! Head to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

At The Insurance Emporium, our new Caravan Insurance policies come with a 20% Discount for Drivers Over 30 Years Old* and include a range of Optional Benefits to help you create the perfect policy for your static or touring holiday home!

^Alternative Accommodation & Replacement Hire cover is not available on The Insurance Emporium’s Trip level of cover. *The Drivers Over 30 Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies.

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