What Do Tiered Lockdown Rules Mean for Your Staycation?

As you’re probably aware, the government has introduced a system of Local COVID Alerts. It’s a three-tier system, with different restrictions based on where you are in the UK. You can find all the information available on the government advice page. At The Insurance Emporium, we want you to stay safe whilst also enjoying yourself! That’s why we’ve put together our guide to staycations and caravan holidays with the tiered lockdown rules in place!

Official guidance for the tiered lockdown rules

Although there are currently no legal restrictions in place for travelling between areas of different tiers, the government is advising travelling in and out of higher risk areas. This means that even though it isn’t illegal, non-essential travel into and out of areas which are in the “high” and “very high” alert tiers is not recommended. Wherever you decide to travel, you must follow all local rules, including wearing a face covering in appropriate areas, follow social distancing rules, and avoiding public transport.

Can I travel out of my local area?

Travelling out of the area you live is generally considered okay for medium and high alert level areas, as long as you’re not travelling somewhere with a different risk level. For example, if you’re in an area with a medium alert level, you should avoid travelling to high and very high alert locations where possible.

Who can I travel with?

You can still travel to hotels and other guest accommodation, such as B&Bs and caravan parks. However, you should still be following the government advice and laws in the local area. The usual restrictions still apply, so you should only travel with people in your household or your support bubble. So, if you’ve already booked to go away with friends outside of your household or support bubble, unfortunately you’ll only be able to meet outdoors!

What if I live in a very high alert area?

If you live in an area which is under a very high alert level, the government is asking you to avoid staying overnight in any other part of the UK. You may still travel from a very high alert tier only if you need to for work, education or any caring responsibilities. If you do decide to travel, remember, you must only travel with people who are either in your support bubble or members of your household, and there shouldn’t be more than six of you.

How can I make my caravan holiday run more smoothly?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your caravan holiday runs smoothly in these uncertain times! Always book your trip in advance and arrive on time, which should help any delays in getting set up, and help you start your holiday quicker. It could be a good idea to call the caravan park to check the local rules and see what local amenities are available.

You can find more information about how to enjoy your caravan holiday safely in our blog from July, when caravan parks first reopened!

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