Raising Awareness for International Assistance Dog Week!

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Having magical adventures is one of the greatest parts of life, however some people may not be able to enjoy them quite as easily as others. That’s why The Insurance Emporium have teamed up with UK charity Canine Partners, an organisation which train and provide assistance dogs, to help raise awareness for International Assistance Dog Week. These pups perform life-changing jobs, helping the disabled to enjoy greater independence and improve their general quality of life. Read on for more information about Canine Partners, International Assistance Dog Week and how you can make a difference.

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How much does a dog cost Canine Partners?
It can cost a hefty amount for each assistance dog to be trained and assisted through its years of service, and there are currently more than 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, many of whom could benefit from a canine partner. The Insurance Emporium’s Chief Operating Officer, Karen Howells-Lee, said: ”It’s important that we support charities like Canine Partners as much as we can; assistance dogs do a fantastic job and they make such a difference to people’s lives. It costs £20,000 for an assistance dog to be fully trained and supported throughout its partnership with a person in need. Any donations or support the public can give is gratefully appreciated.”


Dog Insurance

How does the system work?
Assistance puppers are attentively paired with an applicant to suit their requirements and lifestyle, regardless of how challenging the situation might be. They’re taught to assist with chores and tasks which many people may take for granted, such as opening doors, loading the washing machine, recovering dropped items, flicking light switches and sourcing assistance in an emergency. The pooches can also have psychological and social benefits, provide their partner with a companion, interaction and a feeling of security. And at the Emporium, we’re honoured to know that we insure all of Canine Partners’ furry helpers!

Dog Insurance
How can I raise awareness?
Great question! Getting involved is so simple and you could have a major impact. All you need to do is take a photo of yourself with a dog (well, it can be any pet – we love them all at the Emporium!) and share it to social media with the #Woofie hashtag. You can also send your photos straight to Canine Partners using the following email address: news@caninepartners.org.uk. And, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even donate via text. All you need to do is send WOOF08 to 70070 with the value you wish to donate; £5, for example.

A life-changing partnership
However you decide to help, Canine Partners will be mightily appreciative. Their Corporate and Community Engagement Manager, Jane Grant, said: “We’re extremely grateful for all of the support the team at The Insurance Emporium has given us in getting behind our #Woofie campaign for International Assistance Dog week. They have been taking some fantastic selfies with their dogs to help us raise awareness of our work while raising funds to help us continue training our amazing assistance dogs that transform the lives of disabled people. We hope to continue the fantastic and life-changing relationship between the two organisations.”

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