Photography Trends to Look Out For in 2020

The 2010s were an exciting time for photographers across the world! From taking shots on your smartphone to DSLRS, mirrorless cameras and more, the developments from the decade make it seem like camera options are almost limitless these days! Not to mention that with the rise in popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, more people are sharing their snaps with the world every day. That’s why, at The Insurance Emporium, we’ve put together our guide to the latest camera and photography trends, to help your photos stay ahead of the curve in 2020!

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Ditching the DSLR

We’re not actually suggesting you get rid of your trusty DSLR camera. But mirrorless cameras have been on the rise for years now, and an increasing number of photographers are deciding to ditch their DSLR for the more compact mirrorless, or mirrorless-DSLR hybrids. While the jury may still be out on the DSLR vs mirrorless debate, mirrorless cameras are lighter and smaller, so expect to see more of them in the 2020s!

Fewer new cameras are seeing release each year, and the new products on the market are versatile and useful in a range of situations. Take the Insta360 One R, for example, a modular action camera that lets users swap between two wide-angle lenses and a 360° camera mod to get perfect shots!

Vivid Visuals

The 2010s saw a trend of more muted colour palettes in photography, but coming into the ‘20s, that seems to be slowly but surely be coming to an end. Instead, we’re seeing a resurgence of bright, vivid colours and light! Bold colour will really make your photographs pop and stand out this year, so if you’re looking to turn heads on social media, the bolder the better. Brighter, more vibrant hues are sure to shine in 2020, so crank up that saturation!


Climate Change

Climate change has become part of a real global conversation, and these concerns have sparked a change in photography trends, too! Expect to see a flurry of natural imagery, which could go hand in hand with the brighter hue and more vibrant colours set to take 2020 by storm. Combinations of bold colours with images of nature could help your travel photography truly hit its mark! At The Insurance Emporium, we’re trying to be green like Mr Benn, so if you’re looking to help the environment, take a look at our guide to saving energy in your home!

Portrait Pictures

The 2020s will still be ruled by the smartphone, with a huge portion of media consumed in a vertical orientation. Rather than changing the frame to fit the photo with awkward crops, why not change the photo to fit the frame? Make your photographs as big as possible on the small screens by snapping shots in portrait! An increasing number of amateur and professional photographers are opting for vertical shots to avoid cropping and to stand out in a mobile-focused world.

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Authentic Imagery

In an era where everybody on your social media feeds may look like they are living their perfect life, authenticity could give a unique edge to your photographs in 2020. When taking images of people, try to capture some energy, movement and real emotion in your photos. Rather than rigid, perfect poses, if you specialise in lifestyle photography, your audience may empathise and engage more with pictures that capture an authentic feeling.

With vivid colours, more natural imagery, and a variety of consumer-grade cameras available to capture it all, 2020 is looking to be a fantastic year for photography! If you’re in the market for a new camera, you might want to think about taking out camera insurance! At The Insurance Emporium, our Camera Insurance includes Standard Benefits like cover for Loss, Theft or Accidental Damage, as well as allowing you to customise your policy with a range of Optional Benefits. You’ll even receive a 25% Introductory Discount*! Head on down to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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