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Christmas and New Year have passed now and, let’s be honest, we all over-indulged somewhat – didn’t we?! It’s hard, another mince pie, another party snack and the warm, tempting embrace of the comfy sofa…

Well, fear not, 2017 is here and it is a chance to see some of those resolutions through. New Year, New You the expression goes. Eating healthy, exercising more and trying new things is a conscious choice that we are able to choose but what about the members of our family who are not able to make that decision for themselves?

We love our pets and we love treating them, at The Insurance Emporium we know that better than anyone else. They’re part of our adventures in life and we want them with us every step of the way for as long as possible, therefore their health and wellbeing is just as important as ours. Which is exactly the reason we’re launching our Pet Wellness 2017 campaign.

Check out our 6 step checklist for helping you to get a better pet!


Nowadays, most pet food providers make sure that their products are healthy and nutritious. Understandably, some pet foods may be better for your dog or cat than others, so make sure you check out the online reviews or ask in store. Your pet’s diet isn’t just about nutrition however. There are some things that only you can control, like the amount of food you give them or how often you feed them. Weight control is important for pets, so follow feeding guidelines suggested by your pet food provider.


Much like weight control, the exercise that your pet receives is your responsibility. Modern life can be busy for us, especially with work or family commitments but this is no excuse for not making sure your pet exercises regularly. Some dog breeds will need up to half an hour of hard aerobic exercise twice a day, whilst others may only require a short walk around the block. Do some research and find out the requirements for your pet’s age, breed and health. Generally, if your dog or cat is tired – it’s a good thing!

Toys & Games

For some animals, like pedigree cat breeds, they may be restricted to the house for their own good. If this is the case, then you will need to provide them with activities so that they can get their necessary exercise. There are plenty of fun toys and games on the market for your pet to enjoy and they don’t have to be expensive. Failing that, you can just make your own! Toys and games are not only just good for exercise but they also help to keep your pet’s mind active and hones their natural instincts.


The mental welfare of your cat or dog is an important part of their overall wellness. Some animals require companionship, either from another pet or from a human, in order to stay happy and healthy. Consider these needs and keep your eye out for possible signs of depression, such as loss of appetite, change in behaviour and lethargy. These could indicate that your pet is unhappy and needs some form of company.

Dental Care

Treat your pet’s dental hygiene as you should do your own. They are not able to brush their teeth twice as day, so you need to make sure that they are getting the care they require. You can book in for a dental examination with a vet, buy pet foods designed to promote pet dental welfare and even brush your animal’s teeth yourself. Poor dental hygiene can lead to halitosis, chronic discomfort and more serious complications such as problems stemming from infections in the mouth.


This isn’t just about having the best looking dog or cat in the neighbourhood, good grooming also has health benefits. Brushing your animal on a regular basis, or taking them to professional groomer, stimulates natural oils in the coat, as well as potentially avoiding issues such as hairballs or the dreaded grass seed! Claws should be checked regularly and trimmed to avoid growing into the pad, which could cause pain and infection. Also, make sure you check your dog or cat’s eyes and ears for anything unusual such as reddening or discharge.

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