Sometimes in life there’s nothing quite like a trip to the hairdresser or the beauticians to get us feeling good and this might not be any different for our pets! A slick new hair-do or nail treatment could be just the ticket, getting that spring back in their step and their tail wagging. Many people are left with one question however, how do you go about finding the right pet groomer at the right price? At The Insurance Emporium, we want your pet kitty or canine to feel and look good! That’s why we’ve put together this guide on pricing up pet grooming!

Size matters

When it comes to pet grooming costs, one of the main variables could be the size of your animal. A good example might be a collie, which might be more expensive to have groomed due its large size and thick fur.

Big money

According to research from American Express, canine owners in the UK spend a total of £10.64 billion a year* on their pals! This means that British dog owners spend an average of £1,252 annually!

Pampering those pets!

The same research from American Express also found that the average yearly cost for dog owners on grooming their pooches was £177.84*. That’s a real commitment to getting your pet looking ‘purr-fect’!

Weekly wash

When asked how often they take their pet for a pampering, one in ten dog owners* responded that they had their pooch groomed weekly! Those must be some seriously stylish canines!

Getting brushed up…

Many grooming salons will offer tooth brushing as an extra service. This could be vital in keeping your pet’s pearly whites in good condition and might help to spot any potential dental problems in advance.

Give them a spa session

It’s not just a brushing and nail clip on the agenda in doggy spas, there are all sorts of treatments designed to pamper your pup! From blueberry facials to oatmeal healing baths, the choices are varied!

Taking your pet for a pampering session isn’t just a great way to treat them, it could also be helpful in keeping them healthy! It might also be important to consider purchasing some Pet Insurance for your cat or dog. At The Insurance Emporium, our new Pet Insurance policies come with a 20% Introductory Discount** and a range of Optional Benefits to help tweak your cover! Grab a quote from The Insurance Emporium today and see if we can help!

*©American Express November 2016

**The 20% Introductory Discount is available on lunar and calendar monthly policies and policies where the premium is paid annually. The Introductory Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies.

^Pet Insurance cover with The insurance Emporium excludes routine dental treatments.

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