Golf is a sport that’s rich in history. With history, there’s often a large rule book to follow, and golf is no exception! Aside from the official rules, there are also many that are unwritten and provide a guide to good behaviour and golf etiquette on the course. At The Insurance Emporium, we want everyone to get along on the green, so we’re sharing our essential guide to good golf etiquette!

Golf etiquette - repair marks

1. I get around

Avoiding slow play is key if you don’t want to annoy the other groups around you. Walking at a good pace between holes and planning your next shot in advance could help you get through the course more quickly.

2. Leave no trace

Cover your tracks by repairing ball marks, replacing divots and raking bunkers. This should make life easier for the groups who follow. Plus, you’ll help keep the course in top notch condition!

3. Don’t stand so close to me

It can be irritating when you’re lining up for a shot and someone stands in your line. Or you’re about to putt, but someone approaches behind. It’s best for everyone to know their boundaries and maintain a respectable distance.

Golf etiquette - return flag

4. Right on time

There are some moments when punctuality is essential. Like when catching a flight. You also shouldn’t turn up late for your round of golf, especially on busy days when your club is running to a tight schedule, or you might miss your round!

5. Raise your flag

Obviously, when you’re putting on the green, remove the flagstick from the hole. But also make sure you put it back in once you’re done! Usually, the first to complete the hole picks the flag up, replacing it once the final player has finished.

6. No time to lose

It’s frustrating when a wayward drive leads your ball off the beaten track, but try not to spend too much time looking for it! Certainly no longer than five minutes. Sometimes it’s best to take the extra stroke and use your provisional ball.

Golf etiquette - limit mobile phone use

7. Hanging on the telephone

There are situations where using your phone too much might be inappropriate. In the cinema, for example. The golf course is no different. Don’t annoy everyone with an ear-piercing ringtone. Switch it to silent. And if you do have to answer it, try to keep your voice down!

8. Under pressure

When you’re under pressure, in the heat of the round, make sure you keep your cool! No one likes a bad loser. Sulking and throwing clubs around will make everyone feel awkward, and certainly won’t win you any friends!

By following the above points for good etiquette, and using a bit of common sense, you’ll be sure to become a model golfing partner in no time! If you’re fond of getting out on the green, you might want to consider taking out golf insurance to help protect your equipment. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer Golf Insurance that can be tailored to your budget and lifestyle, with cover for Golf Equipment up to £5,000 as a Standard Benefit*. You can also get up to 30% discount^ on your policy. So why not swing past The Insurance Emporium to find out more?

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