We recently ran a competition asking pet owners to send us pictures of their cute cats and dogs. It proved really popular, and with almost a thousand entries, it was a very tough one to judge! With so many adorable animals to choose from, it took our team here at The Insurance Emporium quite a number of hours to pick our favourites! But we’re now proud to show you our five winners – read on to find out more!

Cute cats and dogs winner Bob


A five-year-old Japanese Spitz, Bob definitely has the happiest face out of our winners! His owners adopted him, along with his friend, Patience, when their previous owners emigrated. Belinda, one of his owners says they don’t regret it at all, as they’re “amazing characters, love cuddles and little walks to match their little short legs and they’re always great company.” She also told us that they display fantastic intelligence, and adapted to their new home really quickly. Belinda also can’t get over how beautiful they are, with their big black eyes and super-white fur, as well as being the fluffiest creatures in the world!

Cute cats and dogs winner Indy-Boo


This is really quite a special little feline! Indy-Boo’s owner, Sarah, is a full time cat mummy, taking charge of 16 special needs and rescued kitties, who would have otherwise been put to sleep. Indy-Boo is a young cat at just over a year old, although Sarah describes her as a “bit of a miracle”, because she’s overcome so many problems. Originally rescued by the RSPCA, Indy-Boo is highly inbred, has severe brain damage, hearing and sight problems and epilepsy. But despite all this, she’s “very cuddly, happy and mooches about in her own little world.”

Cute cats and dogs winner Pancake


Nine month old Pancake, a tri-colour British Longhair kitten, was still very young when this photo was taken and had yet to experience the world outside of the house. Her owner Suzanne told us that in it “you can see the wonder in her eyes … looking at the big wide world outside the patio doors from the safety of my slipper!” By now, Pancake has most likely gotten to know the outside world much better, but with a face like that, she must still be the cutest cat around!

cute cats and dogs winners Oscar and Sandy

Oscar and Sandy

These two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies definitely have the cute factor! Only 12 weeks old when the photo was taken, they have grown up a little and are now nine months old – and certainly showing their true characters! Their owner, Ken, reports that despite being smaller, Sandy is definitely the boss of Oscar. Their favourite pastimes include walks and snuggling in front of the fire. However, their dislikes are squirrels, foxes and moths, apparently they even “like to do a bit of moth-hunting before going to bed each night”!

We think you’ll agree that all our winners are incredibly cute and unique, and we wish them all the best with their quirks and interests! If you have an adorable pet of your own, you might like to consider taking out pet insurance to give you peace of mind should anything go wrong. At The Insurance Emporium you can get up to 30% discount* on new Pet Insurance policies, and with loads of Optional Benefits to choose from, you can get a policy as individual as your furry friend! Head to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!   

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