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Owning a caravan can be a great way to get out and experience different locations. However, our caravan adventures aren’t always plain sailing! We’re sharing the most common caravan claims we paid out for during 2017 and 2018, so hopefully you can avoid similar mishaps!

Accidents happen

The most common reason for putting in a claim was for Accidental Damage, which made up almost half of all settled claims, with an average cost of £1,789! Accidents involved wheels falling off, misjudging the height of a caravan, and damage from potholes. There was even one claimant who forgot to apply their caravan’s handbrake, after which it rolled down the drive and into the nearest brick wall!

Priciest problem

The most expensive settled caravan claim was for Accidental Damage caused by fire. The damage to the caravan was so extensive that the claimant received a huge £34,000 to help them through the difficult situation!

Summer woes

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the summer period sees the highest number of pay outs! In 2017, there was a huge 107.7% increase in claims paid out between May and June! The winter months are usually quieter, with fewer people seemingly wanting to get out on the road during the inclement weather.

Feeling hot

Pay outs for fire damage made up 8% of settled claims! The average payment for damaged caused by fire was almost £10,000. Accidents involving fire ranged from faulty boilers and fridges, to a fire in a nearby wheelie bin and suspected arson!

Stolen goods

The second biggest reason, one in ten to be exact, behind the claims we paid out was for the theft of caravans from storage sites, with an average of £9,000 per claim. Some thieves can go to extreme lengths! One caravan was stolen after thieves made a hole in a fence and took the caravan over a bridge they’d constructed across a stream, before taking it through a quarter of a mile of fields until they finally reached the road!

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Statistics taken from caravan insurance claims paid out by The Insurance Emporium and E&L during 01/01/2017-31/12/2018.

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