Most dog owners will know that our canine friends can be very resilient creatures! However, it’s still concerning when they seem unwell. We spoke to Amanda and Steve Westwood, owners of nine month old American Cockapoo, Bailey, about his recent medical condition, treatment and recovery. Read on to hear their story!

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First signs

The Westwoods began to notice that something was wrong with Bailey when he was crying whenever he tried to jump up. Dogs are renowned for their healthy appetites, so when Bailey went off his food, Amanda and Steve told us that they knew there had to be something amiss.

Appetite for destruction

On taking Bailey to their local vet, the Westwoods told us they discovered that he had ‘eaten some electrical wires!’ These had ‘become tangled up in his stomach, blocking him up inside.’ In addition to these, the vet also discovered a four centimetre-wide piece of a ball, as well as bits of plastic, bedding and stuffing!

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Puppies can often chew to relieve teething, but clearly, Bailey’s digestive system couldn’t cope with so many foreign bodies, which is why he was feeling so unwell! This meant he needed to have an operation so that his vet could remove the accumulation of objects from his stomach.

An expensive habit

Bailey’s treatment didn’t come cheap, but luckily Amanda and Steve had cover for their pup from The Insurance Emporium, and were able to make a successful claim. They said that the claims process was ‘excellent’ and ‘it was a big help getting the money back.’ Their son has even taken out dog insurance for his pug with us since then!

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Next steps

Amanda and Steve can now report that Bailey’s back to his old self! ‘He’s very loving and loves being with people,’ they told us, and he’s a kind and gentle pup. Having owned dogs all their lives, the Westwoods say that losing Bailey would have broken their hearts.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case! Bailey’s now fighting fit, and back to his normal routine with his sister Rose. We wish them all good health for the future, and hope Bailey might have learned real food tastes much better than plastic and wire!

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