Simple ways to Save Energy in the Home

We all want to do everything we can to help the environment, whatever adventures we get up to! It isn’t always easy to know the best way to make a difference, however, and there can often be lots of conflicting advice out there. Here, at The Insurance Emporium, we’re doing our best to be green […]

Random Acts of Kindness: Little Things you can do to Improve Someone’s Day

Everyone has positive days when you feel like you can achieve anything, but then many of us also go through those times when just the thought of getting out of bed becomes a serious challenge. The 17th of February is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, so we’re celebrating the small things you can do […]

5 Reasons you can’t get a Good Night’s Sleep

Has worrying about sleep been keeping you up at night? Sometimes the greatest adventures happen in our dreams, but there’s a myriad of reasons why you might be struggling to get some shut eye! Sleep affects everything from our alertness to mental and physical performance, and even our health. At The Insurance Emporium, we want […]

The Best Times to Ignore your Phone

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and nowadays, what used to be the humble phone now can feel like a tiny supercomputer! With a whole galaxy of apps and adventures available with only the swipe of a finger, it can become all too easy to get lost within the world of your smartphone and forget […]

9 Tips for making Better Decisions

All of us have been faced with a tough decision at some point in our lives, and can understand just how difficult being decisive can be! Even working out what to have for dinner can be a minefield of doubt! Decision-making is a skill, however, and we can all learn methods that make finding resolution […]


Everyone does it. You’ve got a mountain of different jobs to complete, you’re fully aware they need doing, but there’s something else you’d rather do. So you just go ahead and do that instead! Here at The Insurance Emporium, we like to encourage people to make the most of their adventures, but you can only […]


THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR ENTRIES! With the New Year comes new resolutions and aspirations, hopefully banishing for good all those extra festive indulgences! At The Insurance Emporium, we love it when we succeed in achieving our dreams! If yours is to get fitter in 2019 then we might be able […]