Everyone does it. You’ve got a mountain of different jobs to complete, you’re fully aware they need doing, but there’s something else you’d rather do. So you just go ahead and do that instead! Here at The Insurance Emporium, we like to encourage people to make the most of their adventures, but you can only do that if you actually have the adventure in the first place! So maybe it’s time to stop wasting time and get doing the things you enjoy. Check out our list of the top ten ways we all waste time and see how many you’re guilty of!

Ways we all waste time - procrastination.

1. Watching too much TV

Even easier to do nowadays with so many streaming services at our fingertips! There’s also arguably more quality TV around, so putting the hours in can feel so much more rewarding, even if you are ignoring your to do list in the process.

2. Smartphones and the internet

Computers have revolutionised the world. But it’s also become far too easy to spend most of your time checking your phone, refreshing social media and getting lost in internet wormholes.

3. Being unorganised

Ever thought you’d get things done more quickly if only you could find the things you need? You’re probably right. Organising your belongings and paperwork might make certain tasks seem like much less of a chore!

4. Procrastinating

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Sounds good, in theory. In practice it’s often a more palatable idea to think about doing it, not do it, and then panic about it at the last minute. Although there is an argument that says procrastination is actually a good thing… I think we can get on board with that!   

5. Doing too much

Ways we all waste time - man spends too much time watching TV and on phone.

It might seem counterintuitive, but by taking on too much you could actually end up wasting time! When you feel rushed off your feet, why not take a moment to reflect on the importance of what you’re doing? Bringing us to our next point…

6. Doing things you hate

Yes, you might not enjoy washing up, although it still has to be done. But there are so many things you don’t enjoy doing that you could just stop doing! Such as going out with people you don’t actually like, or spending far too long with a group of friends trying to decide what to eat for lunch. This could also free up more time to dedicate to the things you love!

7. Worrying

Many things we worry about are completely out of our control, so why worry about them at all? Especially when it gets in the way. In the spirit of Hakuna Matata, why don’t you try to forget your worries for a while and just go for it?

8. Multitasking

Similar to doing too much, multitasking can mean your mind is on so many tasks at once, that you can’t give enough attention to the ones that matter! Concentrating on one thing at a time should help you focus on the important things.

Ways we all waste time - woman doesn't want to get out of bed.

9. Complaining

This one’s easy to do because there are so many things to complain about! The weather, your bank balance, that annoying guy in the gym… But if you use the time you spend complaining on something more constructive, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

10. Hitting snooze

We can’t all be fresh as a daisy every morning, and the temptation to hit snooze on your alarm is oh so tempting! But that ten minutes each day adds up to over an hour a week, five hours a month, 61 hours a year…need we say more?

Do these time wasting activities sound like you? We know we can definitely see ourselves in many of them here! Whatever your adventure, the last thing you want to do is waste time worrying about what could go wrong, so why not consider taking out insurance to help protect your passions? At The Insurance Emporium, we offer flexible specialist insurance. So from pets to caravans, and weddings to cycles, visit The Insurance Emporium to find out if we’ve got the policy for you!

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