Why Your Second Marriage Could Be Magical…

Your wedding day should be a magical send-off into married bliss, as you and your partner exchange vows and tie the knot ahead of a union that will last the rest of your lives. However, things don’t always go to plan and sometimes marriages don’t stand the test of time. There are lots reasons why a marriage might not work out as planned – people change over time, stress can cause friction and illnesses may have an impact. Some people can then be put off ever getting married again, but there are plenty of reasons why someone might reconsider that viewpoint. Just because something hasn’t worked out the first time, lightning won’t necessarily strike twice! In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics, second marriages are generally a happier experience than the first, and here are a few reasons why some people might suggest that to be the case…

You’re more mature

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Everyone gets married at different ages. Perhaps some people move things along quickly when they’re young, or maybe others delay tying the knot because they weren’t desperate to be legally bound to one another. Either way, if you get married for a second time, you’re obviously going to be older than the first time. With age comes maturity and wisdom, so should you opt to re-marry, you’re likely to have a smarter head on your shoulders that will hopefully help you prepare a little better.

You’ll have a better idea of what you actually want

Everyone is pretty much in the same boat when it comes to a first wedding and marriage. Everything is a completely new experience as you set out on an exciting new adventure. There’s so much of a build-up that perhaps some people can get carried away with their expectations and fail to look at the bigger picture. But when you get married for a second time, you’ve already been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wore the hat. You’ll be able to look back on any past mistakes and learn from them, while you should also have a better understanding of what it takes to make a marriage work – or not work!

You’re picky, but realistic

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The chances are, you probably wouldn’t have got married in the first place if you didn’t think your initial partner was perfect for you. But, as we’ve already noted, situations can change unpredictably. Second time around, you’re likely to be extra picky (why should you settle for anything but the best?!) about your spouse-to-be, yet your expectations of both them and yourself will probably be more realistic on the whole. After all, practice makes perfect!

You’re grateful for a second chance 

No one sets out in a marriage with the sole intention of getting a divorce (well, we hope not!). At the end of the day, adult life can be pretty stressful and these things can happen. But when the opportunity for a second marriage arrives, you’ll be adamant that this one is going to stick, and if you’re a real romantic, you’ll probably be overjoyed at having the opportunity to make things right at the second time of asking. After all, no one wants to chalk up a second divorce – just ask Ross ‘The Divorce Force’ Geller from Friends!

You know baggage is normal

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When you’re young or inexperienced in married life, you might be more likely to jump to conclusions about things in your partner’s past. But once you’re a bit more mature, you might realise that you have a history too. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been mildly impacted by something in years gone by, so it’s important to recognise that we all have some kind of baggage, whether that relates to being hurt by someone in the past, or perhaps you’ve got kids and a disgruntled ex-partner that you have to take into consideration. Baggage is par for the course – how you deal with it dictates who you are as a person.

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