The Best Children’s Books for World Book Day 2020

World Book Day Mr Benn Illustration

At The Insurance Emporium, we love a great adventure as much as our good friend, Mr Benn! Books can open us up to whole new worlds full of magical journeys and endless possibilities. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best children’s books, just in time for World Book Day 2020!

The Gruffalo Children's Book

The Gruffalo

Translated into 44 languages, adapted to a West End and Broadway stage show, as well as an animated film, it’s fair to say The Gruffalo is a cultural phenomenon! Join a mouse on his journey through the deep, dark woods, as he avoids being eaten by a colourful cast of critters. But the mouse isn’t worried. After all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo! It’s a really fun book to read aloud with younger kids and, if they enjoy it, you can pick up the sequel, The Gruffalo’s Child!

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Recommended for a slightly older child, The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a modern fairy tale that has all the wonder and magic of a classic! Raised by a loving witch, Luna was accidentally imbued with magical abilities as a baby, but they were hidden away until she was older. Now approaching 13, with the witch far away, Luna must control the new powers awakening in her!

Harry Potter Castle

Harry Potter

From movies to video games and merchandise, it’s fair to say The Boy Who Lived left a larger mark on popular culture than almost any story in the last 25 years. What better way to introduce your child to the wizarding world of Hogwarts than with the books that started it all? You could give them a book a year, so they grow up with Harry, Ron, Hermione and friends!

His Dark Materials

Plenty of mature undertones help bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood in this multiverse-spanning adventure that’s filled to the brim with magic! The His Dark Materials trilogy(made up of Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass) follows heroes Lyra and Will on a coming of age story as they travel between universes. It’s a great one to read alongside your kids, and the BBC series is a fantastic adaptation and introduction to Pullman’s world.

Where the Wild Things Are

What young child doesn’t yearn for adventure? Another great story to read aloud to younger kids, Where the Wild Things Are has remained a timeless classic since 1963 for its charming writing, unforgettable illustrations and its uncompromising portrayal of childhood imagination. Despite being aimed squarely at children, it’s easy to appreciate the allure of this classic picture book. Let the wild rumpus start!

A Wrinkle in Time

A fantastic introduction to the many weird and wonderful worlds of science fiction, A Wrinkle in Time follows teenager Meg and her brothers on a journey through time and space to rescue their father. If you’re looking for a nuanced exploration of morality, you won’t find it here. It’s a classic story of good versus evil, and a great way to introduce your child to sci-fi!

The Neverending Story

We can’t imagine a better way to introduce your child to reading than presenting books as living, breathing, magical worlds! After main character Bastian steals a book and begins reading it in his school attic, he finds himself literally drawn into the book’s world, Fantastica! If you’ve never seen the film, it’s a great opportunity to see the inspiration for THAT Stranger Things scene!

Watership Down

Unfortunately, the themes of Watership Down might be more relevant now than ever before. Following a group of rabbits who escape the destruction of their home for the promise of paradise, the novel doesn’t shy away from mature themes regarding the careless, destructive nature of humans. Despite following a group of anthropomorphised rabbits, the book can be hard-hitting for children and adults alike.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings is arguably the greatest fantasy work of the 20th Century, its influences still ingrained into the genre today. The movie adaptations are also some of the most well-regarded films of the past 25 years, influential in their own right. And all this success started with a little book called The Hobbit! Slightly more whimsical than the rest of the novels, The Hobbit is Bilbo Baggins, who joins a group of dwarves and a wizard on an adventure through Middle-Earth to find the dragon, Smaug, and take back their treasure. Ideal for kids who might find The Lord of the Rings a little daunting!

Mr Benn

How could we leave our good friend Mr Benn off this list? Dressed in his signature pinstripe suit and bowler hat, in each book, Mr Benn visits the Shopkeeper’s costume shop, tries on an outfit and, as if by magic, is transported to another adventure! Mr Benn’s adventures have seen him take the role of a deep-sea diver, a spaceman exploring extraordinary planets, and a knight in a medieval world!

At The Insurance Emporium, there isn’t much we love more than being swept away into a magical adventure. We hope this list will help you and your child to enjoy some adventures of your own this World Book Day! If you’re already out enjoying adventures, you might want to think about taking out insurance to protect your passions. The Insurance Emporium cover everything from cats to caravans, dogs to drum kits and horses to holes-in-one. Bring a good book, and head on down to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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