It’s hard to believe, but the end of 2018 is almost upon us. At times it has been magical, and it was certainly packed full of new adventures! As we say goodbye to a year of continued Brexit chaos, a scorching summer and football almost coming home, we begin to look ahead to 2019. For the cycling aficionados amongst us, it is time to start getting excited for spring; longer days and warmer weather are a perfect excuse to get out and about. Here at The Insurance Emporium, we love being ahead of the peloton, so we have compiled the top cycling trends for 2019. Whether you are a serious cyclist, or a summer afternoon casual, read on!

Power up!

 Once the preserve of serious cyclists with expensive kit, it seems that power meters are set to be added as standard to high-end road bikes. Put simply, a power meter is a device which measures a rider’s power output using strain gauges. It lets you know how hard you’re working, allowing you to adapt and create training plans in order to achieve your goals. Including power meters as standard on a wide range of bikes will make this an option to an increased variety of riders.

Tired of tyres?

 They are almost universally lauded in the world of mountain bikes, but road bikes have yet to catch up with the joy of tubeless tyres. As the name suggests, these tyres require no inner tube; instead, the tyre and rim are created in such a way that fitting them together produces an airtight seal. They offer a complete wheel-tyre system as opposed to individual wheels. With the benefit of fewer punctures and less rolling resistance, these are an innovation which could prove hugely beneficial to cyclists at all levels.

Saddles get short shrift

 This is a trend which has been growing in popularity for a while, and looks set to continue well into 2019. Shorter saddles are designed with a snub nose, aiming to relieve pressure on soft tissue, and offering a more comfortable ride for both male and female riders. Loved by the pros, they are becoming increasingly common on the mainstream market, giving you the chance to enjoy a more comfortable ride. Though many of them still retain their pro-price tag, they are becoming slowly more accessible.

Aero on the up!

 Aero bikes are cycles that use the principles of aerodynamics within their operation; and they seem to be growing in popularity. They used to have a reputation for sacrificing comfort for speed, and being pretty ineffective if the rider was unable to maintain the position required for the benefits. This has all changed recently however, with whisperings about new initiatives being introduced to transform aero bikes and put them firmly into the mainstream consciousness.

Smart tech comes to cycling

 We live in a digital age, and cycling is no different. Currently under development are helmets which feature built in satnav, as well as intercom to make it easier to communicate with other riders. You can check tyre pressure via your smartphone, and there is even talk of glasses which feature an integrated rear-view mirror; an amazing safety feature which could revolutionise cycling, particularly for those with young children.

Whether you are looking to get fit, train for an event, or simply take up a new hobby, cycling is an activity which is accessible and fun, and can lead to hundreds of magical and wonderful adventures for you and the whole family! With new innovations in technology and engineering occurring all the time, you are certain to find new gadgets and equipment to keep your interest, and add a magical touch to any journey! At The Insurance Emporium, we want you to have fun without worrying, so why not check out our Bicycle Insurance to help keep your kit in check? You could even bag a 15% Introductory Discount!*

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