Cycling is a great pastime, and getting the whole family on their bikes can lead to some magical adventures! The sport can be great fun for all ages, from kids to parents and even grandparents! It’s great exercise and low impact too, meaning the older generation could benefit more from cycling than other forms of exercise like running. Here are our 5 tips to get your family into cycling!

Get in gear

Step one of helping anybody get into cycling is to ensure they’re safe, confident and comfortable! Make sure they’re on the right-sized bicycle. This is especially important for younger cyclists. Don’t buy a bike that’s too big for them to “grow into”, as this could be uncomfortable and pose a safety risk. Protective equipment like a helmet is essential. Ensure your family are confident riders and road safe too. This is vital if you’re planning any trips on the road.

Choose a trail

Remember, if your family are just getting into cycling they won’t be aficionados overnight! Avoid roads and overly hilly routes for beginners. There are plenty of dedicated cycle trails across the country suitable for newer riders! If you’re trying to keep kids interested, cycling in a scenic location can really feel like an adventure. Cycling could allow you to discover new places, and scenic trails are a great way to accomplish this!

Make it routine

Once you’re confident your family are road safe, making cycling a part of your everyday routine is easy! Having your children cycle to and from school will give them some great daily outdoor exercise. There are many great benefits to cycling to work, too! As well as getting in more exercise, you’ll save money on fuel and cut down your carbon footprint!

Keep it brief

Chances are, if your family are going on their first cycling trip, they won’t be too keen on a 100-mile ride straight away. We’re exaggerating, of course, but starting with shorter cycles could keep kids and adults alike more interested in the long run! If you’re a more experienced cyclist, don’t go trailblazing ahead of the pack and instead keep pace with the rest of the group. Completing shorter rides that they enjoy could lead to your family taking on longer, more challenging trails in the future!

Join the club

Cycle clubs are a great way to get out on your bike regularly! There are a huge range of cycling clubs all across the UK catering to different ages, demographics and abilities. However experienced a cyclist you are, chances are there’s a club for you nearby! Cycling with a group is safer, provides more motivation and is more fun! It can also help you and your family make friends and discover new places to take your bikes!

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