Your Story: Angus the Miniature Dachshund

Dog owners know that their furry friends are a real part of the family, so it’s never easy when they become ill! We spoke to Anri Brand about her five-year-old Miniature Dachshund Angus who, according to Anri, “loves exploring the garden and going for walks on the North Norfolk coast with his sister Daisy”. We asked her about Angus’ recent diagnosis of an intervertebral disc extrusion.

The Symptoms

Anri first noticed symptoms around the end of June, when Angus was “being quite lethargic and not himself”. According to Anri, her Dachshund is a creature of habit, waking up at seven every morning to go out and have his breakfast! “Angus and Daisy love to announce when Kevin, our postman, delivers the post,” says Anri. She noticed that he was not asking to go out, went off his food, and was having trouble walking. “He was clearly in some form of pain. We were quite alarmed at how this seemed to happen nearly overnight.”

The Diagnosis

Angus was diagnosed with a T2 – T3 intervertebral disc extrusion. “At first he had an X-ray,” explained Anri. “Then neurological examination and MR imaging of the cervical and cranial thoracic spine.” He was initially cared for by their local vet, until being referred to The Animal Health Trust. He was then hospitalised on various occasions under their care.

The Treatment

The placement of Angus’ disc extrusion is very uncommon in Dachshunds. After discussions of treatment options with Angus’ specialist, they “opted for Angus to be managed conservatively, without surgery.” According to Anri, the Miniature Dachshund was “confined to a crate for many weeks and was taken outside using a chest harness until he recovered.”

The Recovery

Fortunately, Angus is on the road to recovery! “Although he is not going on long walks, he is very happy and without any sign of pain,” said Anri. Anri and her family had taken out insurance for Angus with The Insurance Emporium. After initially worrying about the potential cost of his specialist care, Anri found the process “absolutely easy and efficient. All claims were processed in a matter of a day or two.”

We’re really glad that Angus is on the mend! As Anri said, “Dealing with a sick pet can be very traumatic and emotional.” We’re glad that we could help relieve some of the stress from the situation! “Knowing that your insurance is there for you and could provide the financial cover without delay is very reassuring.” We wish Angus a speedy recovery and hope he continues greeting the postman daily!

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