Cycling to work has many great benefits! It’s more environmentally friendly than driving and can have a really positive impact on your health. If you’re unprepared and unconfident on your bike, however, pedalling your daily commute can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! That’s why we’ve put together our guide on staying safe while cycling to work.

Stay safe while cycling to work - cyclist in red jacket

Gear up!

You likely won’t want to wear your work clothes if you’re cycling in, so appropriate cycling clothing will be a great investment! A helmet can save your life too, especially if you’re sharing a road with cars. Lights on the front and back of your bike are essential when you’re cycling in the dark, especially when the days become shorter, and reflective equipment can improve your visibility to other road users.

Two steps ahead

Make sure you plan your route to work well ahead of your first commute. Find safe, dedicated cycle routes where possible, avoiding high-volume and high-speed traffic if you can. You’ll want to find a route with good surfaces avoiding stops-and-starts like traffic lights. Ensure you know and practise the route before embarking on your commute too, and set off with plenty of time to spare. The last thing you want is to be rushing on your first day cycling in!

Stay safe while cycling to work - cycle path

Confidence is key!

Being confident with your cycling skills is important, but don’t get too cocky! Give clear signals to other road users, checking over your shoulder to ensure you’re in a safe position to turn. Be aware of motorists, other cyclists and pedestrians. Be patient with, and predictable to, other road users too! When they know what you’re doing, other road users are more likely to give you space which makes it much safer for everyone concerned.

Obey the Highway Code

Cyclists and motorists probably complain about each other in equal measure! Make sure you’re not the one in the wrong by adhering to the Highway Code. Don’t jump red lights and, while waiting in traffic, use cycling boxes where they appear. If you can, always overtake to the right, and never pass to the left of a large vehicle with restricted view. And always be wary of your surroundings! Just because you’re obeying The Highway Code, doesn’t mean that everybody else is.

Stay safe while cycling to work - man in shorts cycles to work

Think about luggage

Chances are you’ll be taking more than just yourself to work! Whether it’s lunch or a laptop, you’ll want to invest in a cycling backpack that’s comfortable and has enough storage space for your needs. Think about what you’re carrying and how much of it there is. You’ll want a rucksack with more padding if you’re taking any technology, like a laptop or tablet to work, and separating important items from food and drink can be a good idea to prevent leaks! If you’re not confident carrying a rucksack while cycling, a pannier could be an easier alternative.

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