How to Motivate Your Kids to Practise Music

Learning an instrument is a fantastic skill that your child could carry with them throughout their life. But motivating your child to practise their musical instrument can be difficult at the best of times! Here are a few ways to encourage them to practise. You never know, they might become the next Mozart!

Make practising fun

practise music drums

This one’s front and centre. Children spend all day at school, then might have plenty of homework to complete. They might not want to add hours of practice on top of that workload, especially if it doesn’t seem enjoyable! There are a few ways you could keep practising fun for them.

Choose the right instrument

If you’re expecting your kids to practise for hours a day, they have to be interested in what they’re learning! Talk to them to find out what kind of instruments they might like to learn, and see if you can try some out at a music shop before you take the plunge. The important thing is to not force a particular instrument on them if they’re not interested. Instead, get them involved in the decision-making process.

Let them build their own schedule

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Again, forcing additional activities on top of school work could frustrate and demotivate your kids when it comes to practising music. But if they build their own practise schedule, they might be more motivated to stick to it! Remember, even though you’re giving them the choice, it’s your job to make sure they stick with their schedule.

Don’t treat practising like a job

Part of making music fun comes down to your kid’s perspective of it. If they see practising their instrument the same as doing their homework, washing the dishes or tidying their room, they might be less motivated to play! Instead, encourage them to set themselves challenged like learning a specific piece in a week, or being able to play something from memory.

Encourage your kids to play music they like

practise music guitar

No matter their age, your child will probably have developed a taste for the music they like to listen to by the time they pick up their instrument. Work with your child and even their teacher to find out what kind of music they’d like to play. It might make practising a lot more fun!

Be part of the learning process

If you show genuine interest in what your kids are learning, they might be encouraged to keep practising! Let them show you what they’re working on as they practise and ask them questions. You could even ask your kids to give you a mini lesson. It might keep them more engaged, and you might be able to learn a thing or two!

Plan Performances

Asking to hear what your child is practising is one thing, but why not take it to the next level and plan a performance? This doesn’t have to be a grand concert. Just gather a couple of family members, and even some friends if they’re not too shy, and let your child perform a piece they’ve been practising. Keep in mind, even in front of a small crowd, performing can be very nerve-wracking! Make sure you shower them with praise and reward them when they play in front of an audience.

Reward your child

child practising violin

Rewarding your child for practising their instrument is a difficult balance. While you will want to praise them and give them incentive to practise, you don’t want to reinforce the idea that music is a gatekeeper to other fun activities, like gaming. If you’re going to reward your child, be specific with what you want them to achieve. Ask them to be able to play a certain line perfectly before rewarding them, for example.

Ensure their instrument is always available

If you want your kids to practise regularly and enjoy practising, you’ll need to make sure their instrument is always within reach! Ensure your child knows they don’t need your permission to practise and make their musical instrument as readily available as their toys or games consoles. They might appreciate this level of freedom, which could lead to your child wanting to play music more!

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