Fishing allows you to enjoy your natural surroundings in a way that many hobbies don’t. Whether you’re casting into a river, lake, stream or the ocean, fishing can provide some magical adventures for keen anglers in stunning locations. There’s also no shortage of fish to be admired, with almost 28,000 species known across the world; there are big ones, small ones, scary ones and colourful ones. From the bizarre, but endearing, boxfish, to the fearsome barracuda, Earth’s diverse waterways are home to all sorts. There are also a variety of common fishing methods used, whether you’ve just got a net or you’re enjoying a spot of fly fishing. Whichever is your angling technique of choice, there are certainly many gorgeous places around the UK to sample and we’ve picked out some of the best hotspots you might want to check out.

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Lough Melvin, Northern Ireland

Located near the most western point of Northern Ireland and straddling the border with the Republic of Ireland, Lough Melvin is a large lake well known for having an exceptional range of plants and wildlife. The lake has never been stocked with nonindigenous fish, so everything you find there is exactly where it should be. A whole range of trout swim the waters, while perch, char, salmon and sea trout are all there in plentiful numbers. A great variety of fish, gorgeous scenery and a tranquil setting – what more could you want?

River Tweed tributaries, Northumberland and Scotland

Separating Northumberland and Scotland like a referee in a boxing bout is the River Tweed. While the surrounding landscapes are sure to attract your attention, the real lure for anglers is salmon, with the Tweed regarded as one of the UK’s best rivers for the species. Fishing these parts can be troublesome, because many of the Tweed’s riverbanks lie within privately owned land, but don’t let that put you off the area. If you head up the Tweed’s tributaries, you’re still likely to make the most of the salmon-infested waters.

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Outer Hebrides, Scotland

There are few areas in the British Isles quite as striking in appearance as the Outer Hebrides. The green, hilly chain of islands off the west coast of mainland Scotland are spectacular in appearance and dominated by hundreds of lochs, rivers and streams. Within the Outer Hebrides, sea trout and salmon are most commonly fished and you can expect better results in lochs, but they can be caught in most water amongst the islands. You surely won’t find many more breathtaking areas for fishing in the UK than the Outer Hebrides.

River Itchen, Hampshire

Several southern English counties, such as Dorset, Berkshire and Wiltshire, are home to crystal clear chalk streams. But the most famous of the chalk streams for anglers actually meanders through Hampshire; the River Itchen. Not only are there plenty of picturesque sections, but it is a world-renowned river for fly fishing, with trout known to frequent the waters in significant numbers. As is fairly normal for chalk streams, much of the Itchen is quite shallow, allowing anglers to wade right into the water if necessary.

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Pembrokeshire, Wales

The UK’s vast coastline provides plenty of choice for those keen on sea fishing, but many regard Pembrokeshire in south-west Wales to be among the very best locations for casting out at sea. Hefty pollocks and wrasse can be caught in numbers amongst the kelp gullies, while blue sharks are by no means a rarity. In fact, they’ve been caught increasingly closer to shore in recent years, with one angler reeling in one which measured 9ft 2ins, the second largest to ever be hooked in British waters.

For anglers, there are few greater feelings than reeling in a whopper and bringing it ashore for a closer look before sending it on its way. And what makes things even better is that it’s a hobby which can take you all over the world and doesn’t have to be restricted to UK waters. Should your UK adventures inspire you to take your rod and tackle abroad, The Insurance Emporium offer 90 days of Worldwide Cover on their Zander cover level, potentially protecting your equipment on an international angling odyssey. Have we got you hooked? Then visit The Emporium today to find out more or get a quote!

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