Having a decadent dream wedding can be the realisation of a lifelong ambition for many people. However, it’s not always a dream for your bank account! Weddings can be extremely lavish affairs with no expense spared, sometimes racking up thousands of pounds in costs. That doesn’t have to be the case though, there are plenty of ways to have a day to remember without emptying your bank account! At The Insurance Emporium we want your wedding to be as magical as possible, so we’ve put together this handy guide to planning a wedding on a budget.

Wedding Insurance

Cost conscious ceremony

A weekend wedding at a stately home might be some folk’s idea of the perfect day but it doesn’t necessarily come cheap. The first step to planning a wedding on a budget could be to hold it on a weekday. Not all of your guests might be able to make it but as long as your nearest and dearest can get the day off, what’s the issue? Also, a few less mouths to feed might not be the worst thing! The classic wedding formula has often been a church wedding before heading to a reception elsewhere. This means a wedding car and two venues. Why not scrap the car (not literally!) and hold everything in the same place? One venue could be much cheaper than two and might make the day a little more convenient for you and your guests. If you do have your heart set on arriving in a fancy car then it might be worth asking your friends and family to see if anyone has a flash set of wheels that you can loan!

Looking suave for a steal

When else would you spend a large chunk of money on a suit or a dress that you’re only planning on wearing once? It might start to sound a little strange when you put it like that! Saving money on your outfit could help to keep your wedding bills down. For the men, wearing a suit that you already own or buying an outfit that you’ll use again could be the thriftiest option. As for the brides, buying a second hand dress might save you serious cash. It’ll most likely have only been worn once and a good dry cleaner could have it looking fresh off the rack! When it comes to dressing the wedding party, setting out a colour scheme and asking them to wear their own suit or dress on the day might be a smart move to save some pennies. If none of that works for you, there is always the option of renting your attire for the event. Grabbing a loaned outfit could have benefits in the long term and save it gathering dust in your wardrobe after!

Wedding Insurance

Getting frugal with the food

Planning a reception might be the ideal place to make some big savings. When it comes to food, a three course sit down meal might be traditional but it could also be a bank breaker. Swapping it for an informal BBQ or picnic might save some pennies and still have the guests’ taste buds tingling! Shows like The Great British Bake Off seem to have turned everyone into a baker – when it comes to dessert why not ask family and friends to knock up a range of sweet treats or a cake? Speaking of the wedding cake, cutting it up and serving it for dessert could be a way to kill two birds with one stone! If you’re looking to save money on drinks, buying your own in bulk at a supermarket and providing them for your guests on the day might save on a big bar bill but it might be advisable to check on the venues rules about it first! Serving them up in an old bathtub or buckets with ice could be a stylish way to make this work and save money on corkage!

Wedding Insurance

Penny-pinching parties!

As opposed to renting out a wedding band or a DJ, a fun way to get your guests involved could be to ask them all to pick a song in advance. This way you’ll have a playlist full of tunes that your wedding revellers love and it won’t cost you a penny! If you do fancy the sound of a live band to help you dance the night away, if you’re fortunate enough to have any talented musician friends then it could be worth taking advantage and asking them to perform! Wedding photos are a great way to remember your occasion but professional piccies could come at a price! Hiring an amateur photographer who is looking to build their portfolio might be an alternative option to get your wedding pictures done at a good standard but a cheaper rate. You might even consider missing out the photographer altogether and encouraging your guests to snap their own smartphone pictures. Utilising social media and creating your own ‘wedding hashtag’ will make it even easier to get all of the pictures from the big day together! It’s a much #CheaperOption!

Sacrificing the lavish aspects of a wedding doesn’t have to mean your big day suffers. Getting your wedding day together on a budget can be an adventure and lead to a seriously magical event! After all of the plans are in place you might want to consider insurance for your wedding to help protect you against any unforeseen issues. At The Insurance Emporium our seven varieties of Wedding Insurance policy can all be tweaked to include a range of Optional Benefits from Extended Cancellation Cover to Public Liability for Guests. Head to The Insurance Emporium before you tie the knot to find out more!

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