All pet owners know that it’s never nice to see your furry friend in discomfort. Fortunately, if you spot a problem early, it can often be easier to nip it in the bud. That was the case for Duke, the six-year-old Boxer, who was recently diagnosed with an abnormal growth of bone in his spine. We spoke to Duke’s owners, Bill and Marion Simpson, about their canine companion’s diagnosis and found out how he’s doing now!

First Signs

Duke joined the Simpson family when he was rehomed at three years old. Bill and Marion describe their dog, now six years old, as being quite large for a Boxer, with “a lovely gentle nature.” They also add that Duke is “great with our young grandchildren.” They first saw a problem in June, when they noticed that Duke had begun to develop a limp.

The Diagnosis

After a visit to the vets, Duke had an x-ray and MRI scan. From these, they found a growth of bone in his spine that “was starting to pinch the spinal cord.” According to Bill, if this was left unattended, his dog’s spinal cord would eventually have become damaged. “This would have resulted in considerable pain for him,” Bill explained, “as well as an increasing inability to control his back legs and other functions.”

The Treatment

To treat the condition, Duke underwent a very delicate operation, which took two and a half hours. This involved removing the offending bone with a drill, which would allow him to walk more comfortably and reduce the pressure on his spinal cord. Then, a metal plate on each side helped to strengthen the spine.

The Recovery

Around seven weeks after his surgery, Duke is on the road to recovery! Bill says that Duke “is on a lengthy convalescence which involves gentle walks which are gradually increasing in duration.” He’s making progress in his recovery, but is getting bored with the shorter walks, according to Bill. “Which is probably a good sign!”

Making a Claim

Fortunately, the Simpsons had taken out insurance for Duke from The Insurance Emporium! They were able to make a claim for the operation, which made a difficult time a little easier. “At a time of worry and stress about Duke, claiming for the money was the least of our worries,” said Bill.

At The Insurance Emporium, we love a story with a happy ending! Duke is on the mend, and we hope he’ll be able to go on some longer walks once he’s fully recovered. We don’t want him getting too bored!

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