Every cat owner is aware of just how great felines can be! It’s a sad fact, however, that there are always so many kitties in shelters awaiting adoption. This especially applies to black cats, who seem to have a harder time finding a new home than their more colourful counterparts. We’re not sure why this is the case, because black cats make purrfect pets for any adventure! Find out why with our 13 reasons to adopt a black cat!  

Reasons to adopt a black cat - black kitten laying on rug

1. They’re not unlucky!

We live in the 21st century and witchcraft has long been discredited. So why does this particular cat myth persist? It’s not the only myth about cats that’s still circulating, find out about the others here!

2. Black looks good with everything!

Black is chic, no matter what you pair it with. This means your black cat will always look fantastic with both you and your home.  

3. Hone your photography skills

One reason it’s harder to rehome a black cat is supposedly because they’re difficult to photograph. Don’t be put off! Why not use owning a black cat as an excuse to get snappy and improve your photography skills?

4. They make for the ultimate Halloween!

If we ignore the above point about witchcraft having been discredited, everyone knows black cats act as witches’ familiars… A black cat just screams Halloween!

Reasons to adopt a black cat - black cat on the prowl

5. You won’t even know they’re moulting

Many people wear a lot of black clothing, especially to work. So if you own a black cat that’s moulting, the hairs should just blend right in!

6. They’re actually tiny panthers

Sleek, jet black panthers are the last word in cool! So who wouldn’t want a miniature version? Some black cat breeds, such as the Bombay, were bred specifically to look like tiny wildcats!

7. They have the most amazing eyes

Black works well against any colour! In cats, this means that their eyes seem even brighter and more beautiful than they would usually. And who can resist that?

8. They’re not really black anyway!

If you studied art at high school, you’ll know that black isn’t even a real colour! When you look carefully at a black cat, you’ll realise their fur is actually made up of different shades of really dark brown and auburn.

Reasons to adopt a black cat - black cat laying on floor

9. You’ll always be able to spot them in the snow!

Definitely an advantage if you have a particularly adventurous kitten! However, spotting them out and about during night time might be a little trickier!

10. They might live longer

It might sound too good to be true, but a scientific study has proven that a genetic mutation in black cats can mean they live longer!

11. Most famous cats are black

Felix the cat, Salem, Sylvester, the cat from Hocus Pocus… The list of famous black cats goes on. If you want your cat to join these exalted ranks, you’d better choose a black cat!

12. There are too many waiting to be adopted

On a serious note, perhaps the best reason to adopt a black cat is there are so many waiting for their forever home. They seem to have a hard time finding the perfect person to adopt them, so why not buck the trend and adopt one?

13. All cats are cute!

It’s not just black cats, all cats are pawsitively amazing creatures! It doesn’t matter what cat you adopt, you should be able to enjoy fantastic adventures together. But, really, black cats sometimes seem to get a bad rep, so why not show them a little extra love?

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