Pet Insurance

We know just how joyful owning a pet should be, but vet costs could be a worry. That’s why we offer a wide range of pet insurance products.

Our policies are designed to give you reassurance that your beloved pet is safe and protected. Embrace pet ownership, treasure those priceless memories, and enjoy life to the full.

We offer a range of insurance policies, with different cover levels, but don’t worry, we will break these down for you. Then you can tailor your policy even further, giving you complete freedom to design the perfect policy for you and your pet.

Dog Insurance

Not only do we offer 5 dog insurance policies, but we also offer you the choice to tweak your policy further, with our selection of Optional Benefits!

Senior Dog Insurance

Senior dog insurance for pooches over 8, with multiple Optional Benefits. Get the most out of your policy with our tailored products.

Cat Insurance

A range of cat insurance products for all needs! Take control of your insurance with our 4 different policy types and Optional Benefits.

Senior Cat Insurance

Senior cat insurance for cats over 8 years old. Add or remove Optional Benefits that suit you and your elderly moggy!

Why Do I need Pet Insurance?

It’s simple really, for your peace of mind. But not just yours, your pet’s too!

Pets are part of the family, but unfortunately, don’t have access to free healthcare like we do. At The Insurance Emporium, we protect the things you love – including your doggies and moggies! We understand the importance of pet insurance, which is why we offer a range of options, including Accident Only, Public Liability, Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime.

Our range of cover provides you with the freedom to enjoy being a pet owner, minus any added worry that comes with the title. Whether your pet becomes ill, injured, runs away or is stolen, our insurance products can be tailored to your individual needs and budget – because one size doesn’t fit all!

You have more than one pet? We’ve got you covered too with our Multi-pet discount!

Our Different Types Of Policies

Our range of policy types allow you to pick the cover most suitable for you and your pet! The types of policy cover we offer are:

Vet’s fees should your pet require treatment for an injury, caused by an accident.

Legal liability to others for compensation and costs arising out of your ownership of your dog.

Vet’s fees for each injury or illness, for up to 365 days from the date they first showed clinical signs.

Vet’s fees, for each injury or illness, to the maximum amount available, irrespective of the time taken to reach it.

Our lifetime pet insurance vet’s fees cover renews each policy term throughout the life of your pet if the premiums are kept up to date.

Why Choose Us

We have over 80 years of experience in the insurance industry. During that time, we have helped bring peace of mind to millions of UK residents by protecting the things that really matter to them.

At The Insurance Emporium, we work hard to understand you - our customer. We know what’s important to you which allows us to offer products and services that respond directly to your needs, reflecting changes that happen as your lives and families grow. In short, we protect the things you love.

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What does Pet Insurance actually cover?

Our pet insurance provides cover for different benefits, and you can tailor your cover to suit your needs. Some of the benefits we provide are:

Your legal liability to others for compensation and costs arising out of your ownership of your dog.

The cost of treatment and/or complementary treatment of each injury, illness, or condition.

Cover for the price that you paid for your pet if they sadly pass away. The amount you can claim may change depending on the age of your pet when they died:

Age of Pet
Over 8
50% of sum insured
Over 6
50% of sum insured
50% of sum insured
Under 6 - Neutered
75% of sum insured
75% of sum insured
Under 6
100% of sum insured
100% of sum insured

The cost of boarding your pet if you are hospitalised for at least 3 days.

The cost of cancellation or curtailment within 14 days of departure if your pet needs emergency lifesaving surgery.

Cover for the price that you paid for your pet if they are sadly stolen or run away. The amount you can claim may change depending on the age of your pet when they went missing:

Age of Pet
Theft Or Straying
Over 8
50% of sum insured
Over 6
50% of sum insured
Under 6 - Neutered
75% of sum insured
Under 6
100% of sum insured

The cost of advertising for the return of your pet or paying a reward which leads to its return.

The cost of accidental damage to another’s personal property.

Income lost following you being bitten by your pet.

How much does Pet Insurance cost?

At The Insurance Emporium, our pet insurance policies are as individual as you are. The price you may pay depends on what pet you have, the breed, age, and your location.

For example, if you have a 7 year old, Small Mongrel, living in York on an Accident Only policy, you might pay £5.34 a Lunar Month, including an introductory discount.

However, a Lifetime Gold policy for the same dog would cost £25.02 per Lunar Month, including an introductory discount.

How do I compare Pet Insurance products?

Taking out an insurance policy can be confusing at the best of times.

We try and make things simple here at The Insurance Emporium, we don’t like jargon and avoid small print, so to help you we have included our table of benefits vs. cover levels for you to easily compare and decide which one is right for you!

Pet News & Stories

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No. Anything that first showed clinical signs before your policy started, will not be covered.

If your pet needs dental work due to an accident or injury, your claim would be considered. Otherwise, we do not cover dental work (routine check-up etc.) There are some exclusions for scaling and polishing teeth and tooth/gum disease. Check our policy wording for further details.

The age of your pet does have an impact on the overall cost, however other elements such as breed, claims to loss ratio and residency address also affect the final price.

No. Neutering is an exclusion on our insurance types. it falls under routine, cosmetic, and preventative treatment.

No. We also don’t cover any illness which could be prevented by your pet being vaccinated.

Accident cover starts straight away, but there is a 14-day deferment period for illness. You are unable to claim for any illness or condition that shows clinical signs within the first 14 days of the policy.

Yes. We can settle your claim directly with your vet, of course down to their discretion.

In short, yes. But as stated above, other factors such as age, breed and location can also affect the cost of your insurance.

Yes. We offer a 10% multi pet discount. Each pet would require a separate policy as we don’t offer multiple pet policies.

We cover dogs and cats; however, we have an excluded breed list which you can refer to for more information.

Yes. You will find this on your policy schedule. This depends on age and breed of your pet as well as the policy type.

Yes. We have divided the UK in 2 main areas:

  • Area A = Rest of the UK
  • Area B = London & The Home Counties, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex

A lunar monthly policy runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. This type of policy renews every 28 days.

Runs for 365 days from the commencement date and time shown on Your policy schedule; automatically renews annually.