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One off payment premium based on insuring for £1,000 cover for a 4 day period.
The average premium our customers paid in 2023 was £25.19 with an average sum insured of £6,685.

Horse Trailer Hire Insurance That You Can Tweak

Sometimes it may be necessary to hire out a trailer in order to get your horse from A to B. At The Insurance Emporium, we understand that you may want to protect yourself from potential worries when you do.

Whether your trailer hire is just for a few days or up to 6 months, The Insurance Emporium can provide trailer hire cover that you can tweak to better meet your own requirements.

Just Tell Us The Rental Duration & Then Tweak Your Policy

All of our horse trailer hire insurance provides cover for Fire & Theft, Accidental Damage and Public Liability with four durations of cover from ‘Up to 4 days’ through to ‘Up to 6 months’.

In addition to the above you can also choose to tweak your policy with our Optional Benefits allowing you to create the best fit policy for your circumstances.

What additional Optional Benefits can I add?

Our Optional Benefits allow you to add the following to your horse trailer hire insurance policy:

  • Recovery & Delivery Costs
  • Loss of Entry Fees
  • European Use - Extends Fire & Theft plus Accidental Damage cover to use in the continent of Europe

For further details simply read on or get a free no-strings quote and find out if you could be better off insuring your rented trailer with The Insurance Emporium.

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Our Range of Cover

Check out our easy-to-read Table of Benefits below to see which level of cover will give you the protection you need.

Table of Benefits
Standard Benefits
  • Fire & Theft i
  • Accidental Damage i
  • Public Liability i
  • 100% of Sum Insured/Market Value
  • 100% of Sum Insured/Market Value
  • £1.5 million
Optional Benefits
  • European Use i
  • Recovery & Delivery Costs - UK Only i
  • Loss of Entry Fees i
  • 50 days
  • £750
  • £400 per incident

The cost of the trailer if stolen or destroyed by fire.

Up to the cost of the trailer if accidentally damaged.

Loss or damage to the trailer whilst in Europe.

Cost of recovery and delivery if the trailer is disabled by loss or damage (UK only).

Irrecoverable entry fees if alternative transportation is not available to convey a horse owned by you or a member of your immediate family to a competition if the trailer is rendered unusable.

Your legal liability to others for compensation and costs caused by or through your use of the trailer.

Why Insure Your Hired Trailer With Us

EU European Cover Available
1 Off Payment  
100% Sum Insured Fire And Theft

Read The Not Small Print

We dislike jargon and we like to be upfront and clear with customers, but occasionally there are words that we need to use so we've put them in this helpful box of not small print!

This is based on insuring for £1,000 over a 4 day period with no Optional Benefits selected.

The average premium our customers paid in 2023 was £25.19 with an average sum insured of £6,685.

How do I redeem my promo code discount?
Enter the promo code at checkout or let our team know over the phone and the discount will be applied to the final premium.

Are there any age limits for the driver towing the hire trailer?
No, there are no age limits. However, the driver must have a valid driving licence. They must follow the conditions of their driving licence, follow any towing laws that apply to the country they are driving in and ensure that the towing vehicle complies with the manufacturers recommendations. Please note that any person classed as an inexperienced driver will be subject to a double excess. An inexperienced driver would be someone within 1 year of first ownership or usage.

What is the maximum value that a horse hire trailer can be insured for?
The value of the hire trailer must not exceed £10,000.

Will you cover the hire trailer if it is used by someone else?
The policy will only cover the policy holder to use the trailer.

What does public liability cover me for?
Public Liability provides cover for your legal liability to others for compensation and costs caused by or through your ownership or use of your trailer.

What should I do if anything happens that could result in a third party claim against me?
Most importantly you should not admit any responsibility, agree to pay a claim or negotiate with any other person after any incident. You should contact your insurance company and allow them to take charge of your claim. You must send them any form of writ, summons or legal documents you receive and allow them to act and reply on your behalf.

What is the excess on the Hire Trailer policy?
An excess applies to claims under the following sections of cover:

  • Fire and Theft: £85
  • Accidental Damage: £85
  • Public Liability: £250

How do I protect the hire trailer from theft?
The policy states that a Proprietary Wheelclamp (high security integral lock projecting into the recessed well on the inside of the wheel) must be used when the trailer is (a) not in use or (b) in use but unattended.

Will you want to see the hire trailer after an accident?
We may decide to appoint an independent assessor to inspect the trailer in consideration of your claim.

What do I have to do if the Hire Trailer is stolen?
You must tell the police immediately upon discovery and preferably within the first 24 hours. You must and obtain a crime reference number. Once you have done this, the crime reference number and details will need to be passed to us as the insurance company. You must do everything you can, within reason, to recover your hire trailer.

Am I covered for business use of the horse hire trailer?
No, the policy only covers the trailer for social, domestic or pleasure purposes only and for the sole purpose of transporting horses.

Can I take the hire trailer abroad?
Yes, if you have elected to include European Use. This geographically extends cover provided in the sections for Fire & Theft and Accidental Damage (if chosen) to the continent of Europe and also includes sea crossings. This European Use Optional Benefit is only available where the length of hire period is up to 6 months.

A lunar monthly policy runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. This type of policy renews every 28 days.

Runs for 365 days from the commencement date and time shown on Your policy schedule; automatically renews annually.