Should I Give My Dog A Bone?

“Like a dog with a bone.”

You’ve no doubt heard the common expression many times before. Usually used to indicate when somebody refuses to give up on something, it also helps to demonstrate just how much our canine friends love gnawing on a big old bone. It’s a common image in popular culture, in the Asterix comic books, Obelix’s tiny white terrier Dogmatix could often be found sniffing out any available bones. According to scientists, the ancestors of modern dogs were hypercarnivores who strengthened their jaws and aided dental hygiene by chewing on bones. So, we’ve established that our furry pals like them but should we be feeding our dogs bones?

Potentially Fatal

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Dogs may love chewing on bones but the sad fact is that some of them can be deadly. Certain types of bone can splinter and break off. This then leaves large chunks of the bone in the dog’s digestive tract. The shards can either pierce and damage the tract or, in some instances, create a blockage. An incident like this may well require surgery and in some circumstances this can prove fatal. As much as it may disappoint your dog, it could pay off to be vigilant in these circumstances.

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Acceptable Substitutes

Clearly, dogs have been giving bones their best attention for centuries and there haven’t always been problems but in these situations it is better not to risk it. Problematic specimens might include any bone that has been cooked, as opposed to raw ones, as well as less sturdy ones such as poultry or pork bones. An advisable alternative, if slightly less attractive to your dog, would be a dog friendly chew toy or a non-rawhide chew (in dietary moderation) that allows them to work their jaw muscles and to keep their teeth clean.

Pet Wellness 2017

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At The Insurance Emporium, we care that dogs stay healthy in every way possible. Some measures are preventative, like making sure that they don’t chew and splinter the wrong type of bone, whilst others are more the owner’s responsibility like diet and mental welfare. That’s why we have launched our campaign for Pet Wellness 2017, to draw people’s attention to pet health issues that they might not necessarily be aware of. As part of our campaign, we will be offering the first month free on any new policies bought.

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