Being a cat parent comes with many fantastic rewards! However, living alongside a feline in a smaller flat can also come with a few challenges. Whether you’re welcoming a cat into your flat, or looking to move with your furry friend, we’ve got some helpful tips to make living with a cat in an apartment comfortable for you both. Read on to find out more!

Living with a cat in an apartment - kitten playing with stick

Beware of balconies

A balcony with a view can be a great addition to any flat, but it can also seem attractive to your cat, and they could injure themselves if they fall. One option is to keep your balcony off limits to your curious cat. Alternatively, you could construct a barrier to prevent them tumbling or jumping off the edge.

That’s entertainment

Living with a cat in an apartment can make it difficult to let them outside, even if that’s what you’d prefer. It’s important to keep indoor cats engaged and toys can be a great way to do this. There’s a huge range of cat toys on the market with which to entertain your feline. Make sure not to leave them all lying around, but to rotate them, as cats can easily become bored!

Adventure time

As well as toys, making sure your cat has different areas to explore is important! Create nooks for them to retreat to, as well as perches on shelves and windows from which they can survey their territory. You might also try leaving objects around such as cardboard boxes for your cat to enjoy!

Living with a cat in an apartment - cat peeks out of the top of a box

Find the perfect spot

Finding the right spot for your cat’s litter tray in an apartment can be a fine art, especially if you’re short of space! If you let your furry friend onto the balcony, this could make for the perfect location as it’s so well ventilated. Otherwise, many people place theirs in the bathroom. Make sure you choose your brand of litter wisely, or use a litter box with a carbon filter to limit any odour!

Keep it clean!

It can be easier to observe the mess your cat makes in the smaller space of a flat. For one thing, you’ll notice the hair they shed a lot more than in a larger house! Keeping the place clean and tidy will help to keep your flat presentable, as well as getting rid of any unwanted smells from the aforementioned litter tray!

Making time

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your cat’s happiness, no matter where you live, is to allow enough time to interact with them. Not all of our four-legged friends appreciate constant attention, but they certainly won’t like being ignored!

Living with a cat in an apartment - Ragdoll kitten

Find the purrfect friend

Some cat breeds are better suited than others to live as indoor cats in a flat, due to the general characteristics of the breed. Ragdolls, British Shorthairs and Persians often make excellent indoor cats, and could happily live in an apartment. Adult cats whose character is already well-established, might adapt better to flat life. This is something you could bear in mind if you’re adopting from a shelter.

Cats can make excellent apartment dwellers, and we hope these bits of advice will make settling them in all the easier! Another thing you might want to consider doing for your cat is taking out insurance to help protect them against the unexpected. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer Cat Insurance with a range of different cover levels and up to 30% discount*. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to see if we have the right policy for your furry friend!

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