Bringing a new dog into the family should be a really exciting time! However, if they show signs of agitation, it can make the process more difficult than expected. When the Jamieson family adopted their four-year-old pug Paddy, it turned out that his distress was the result of an underlying condition. We recently spoke to Glyn, Paddy’s owner, about their experience. Read on to learn more about Paddy, his illness, treatment and how he’s doing today!

Uncertain times

The Jamieson’s adopted Paddy from a rescue centre, having been told their new pug had no health issues. After a check-up a year later, however, they discovered this was no longer the case. Their vet had noticed clouding in Paddy’s eyes, which was diagnosed as entropion in both eyes, and had led to pigmentary keratitis.

Understanding the condition

Entropion is a condition seen more frequently in pugs than most other breeds of dog, due to the structure of their head. It’s a congenital illness that causes the eyelids to roll inwards, causing hair and eyelashes to rub against the eye, resulting in great discomfort. It often leads to pigmentary keratitis, which causes abnormal brown or black pigmentation on the surface of the eye, and can cause blindness.


Poor Paddy needed to have operations on both his eyes. This removed the parts of his lower eyelids that were rubbing, to ease any irritation he might have felt. He also needed a course of eye drops and laser surgery to get rid of the pigmentation. According to Glyn, “he will require eye drops probably for the rest of his life,” although the frequency has reduced since the operation.

Counting the costs

The cost of diagnosis and treatment for Paddy’s condition won’t have come cheap! Luckily, Glyn had insured his latest four-legged friend and was able to make a successful claim for the illness. Speaking of his experience with The Insurance Emporium, Glyn told us, “The claim process was easy. It’s efficient, and it’s great that the money goes straight into the bank.”

Feeling happier

Paddy is feeling much better! Glyn told us that when they first brought their new pug home he wouldn’t settle. “He used to pace round and round in small circles,” and Paddy ate his food “so fast, as if he was afraid it would be taken from him.” But since the treatment, “he’s like a new puppy. I guess he can see much clearer!” He’s now lively and friendly, fitting ever better into family life with the Jamiesons’ two other pugs! 

We’re thrilled that Paddy is recovering from his condition and wish both him, Glyn and the rest of the family the best of health in the future! Now that Paddy has full use of his eyesight, he should be able to feel properly at home among both his human and pug families!

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