Photography has come a long way since the invention of the pinhole camera! With advances in technology, digital cameras today allow even the most amateur of photographers to take great shots time and time again. There might be something to be said, however, for taking a step back into the world of photographic film. Find out more with our rundown of seven benefits of film photography!

Film photography - reasons to go analogue - photographic negatives

1. Quality over quantity

Most 35mm film comes with just 24 or 36 frames per roll! This means you’ll be paying more attention to the image you’re taking. When taking photos, you might get to know your camera better, as well as the appropriate shutter speeds and apertures for different light. Having fewer opportunities for shooting could also get you thinking more about composition, instead of relying on editing afterwards!

2. Get the ‘look’

Prints from photographic film often have a certain je ne sais quoi when compared to their digital counterparts! This is usually due to the grain of the print and the noise created by blemishes on the film that can result in tiny unexposed areas. Software and filters can get close to recreating this, but it’s never quite the real deal!

3. Darkrooms!

If you have either a darkroom facility you can use, or a space in your home that you can turn into one, you could really get to grips with the magic that is image processing! Developing, exposing and enlarging your images manually is an unforgettable experience. Getting hands-on in the dark room could also teach you more about light and colour!

Film photography - reasons to go analogue - medium format camera

4. Film is forgiving

You might find that you can get away with a lot more using film photography. In those instances when you find your photos are under or over exposed, film can be much more forgiving than digital, retaining more details in both the shadows and highlights. Although, this doesn’t give you an excuse for not knowing the appropriate settings for your camera!

5. Forget the technology

Film cameras don’t date the way more modern digital ones can, so you probably won’t find your camera being overtaken by the next best thing a few years down the line! They also don’t rely on owning a computer, keeping batteries charged, or having a myriad of external hard drives. Instead, you’ll find yourself having to work out how to store all those negatives…

6. The joy of cameras

Film might be more expensive than digital snaps because of purchasing the rolls of film, but the cost of your camera will most likely be much cheaper! Also, there’s a great variety of film cameras around, each with its own personality and design. Choose between point-and-shoot, single lens reflex, instant cameras and more. You can also play with medium and large format cameras with bigger sensors that provide larger image sizes!   

Film photography - reasons to go analogue - close up of manual camera zoom

7. Think film

Even if you choose to stick with your digital model, ‘thinking film’ could be a great way to get to know your camera better! Try treating your camera as you would if you were shooting film and you could be amazed at the difference. You might stop relying upon your camera to make decisions for you, as well as becoming used to different lights, settings and compositions. This could result in fewer photos, but an increase in quality!

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