Our pets can be our best friends, which is why we want them to be there for all of life’s magical adventures! That’s also why it can be so concerning if your pet has an illness. Sadly, the Sandbach family’s Border Terrier dog, Blue, had been unwell since November 2018. We spoke to Blue’s owner, Gareth, about the illness, getting a diagnosis and keeping on top of vet’s fees. Read on to hear their story.

Part of the family

Blue the Border Terrier, has been the much-loved Sandbach family dog ever since they bought him as a puppy in 2006. Gareth describes him as a “placid, healthy, faithful dog with a great character”. Although, to the confusion of the family, whilst Blue’s usually super-friendly, he takes a particular dislike to Border Collies. Each to their own!

Out of character

Gareth and the family first noticed something was wrong when Blue’s “drinking and urinating was becoming excessive”. He was also “having accidents in the house, which was out of character.” Naturally, as a concerned pet parent, Gareth immediately took Blue to their vet to find out what could be wrong.

Difficult diagnosis

Despite a myriad of tests, 13-year old Blue has still not been given a definitive diagnosis as to what’s wrong. Gareth tells us, “we understand he has hypercalcemia which the vets feel is being caused by a mass in the stomach.” So far, Blue has had “several blood and urine tests, a CT scan, ultrasounds and samples taken from liver, spleen and stomach.”

Keeping on top of it

All those tests can be expensive, especially with the high cost of vet’s fees. Luckily, Gareth had taken out dog insurance for Blue, and has been able to make a claim to cover the costs of Blue’s undiagnosed illness. Speaking of the claims process he received from us here at The Insurance Emporium, Gareth says he was “simply amazed by the speed and professionalism. Every person I have spoken with has treated me with sympathy and compassion and I cannot praise them highly enough.”

Blue skies over the horizon?

The Sandbachs are still trying to reach that hard-to-find diagnosis for Blue. But in the meantime, while he’s not his old self, he’s “managing quite well with all the investigations and his condition.” Blue’s also been receiving extra special attention from Gareth’s youngest two children, who’ve really been spoiling him!

We wish Gareth, Blue and their family well. Hopefully they’ll manage to work with their vet to find out just what’s wrong with their treasured pet and get him back into top condition!

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