Starting with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, rock bands dominated the music industry from the 60s, all the way through to the 21st Century! Even today, some of the classics are still going strong, while modern bands are carrying the torch. But with each role in the group comes a distinct personality. Which begs the question – which band member are you? Let us know in our poll below!

The Frontman – Liam Gallagher

The frontman is, without a doubt, the loudest person at the party. The Gallagher brothers have proven that time and time again! Even though the singer always has the most to say, not everybody wants to listen. All the great frontmen expertly dance the line between charming and cocky, confident and arrogant. The fans might love them, but if there’s any drama in the group, it’ll most likely be a bout pitching the singer against the rest of the band.

The Lead Guitarist – Slash

Letting the frontman do his thing, the lead guitarist is more quietly confident that they’re the life and soul of the party. Happy to stay on the side lines until it’s their time to shine, the lead guitarists really are the brains of the group. They put a lot of work in and aren’t too bothered about taking the credit. They’re also the most likely member to call the lead singer out if they get too big for their boots. Just look at what happened with Guns N’ Roses!

The Rhythm Guitarist – James Hetfield

Often seen as the little brother of the band, people think the rhythm guitarist is always looking up to their older sibling, the lead. Rhythm legends prove this wrong though, like James Hetfield, who plays more like a traditional lead! Metallica are known for iconic earth-shattering guitar riffs, thanks in no small part to Hetfield’s shredding, truly proving the rhythm guitar’s worth.

The Bassist – Lemmy

Much like the rhythm guitarist, the bassist is often seen as an afterthought. Bassists like Motörhead’s Lemmy would probably have something to say about that. Bass guitarist Paul Gray was responsible for writing many of Slipknot’s fan favourites, and we wouldn’t have Another One Bites the Dust without Queen’s John Deacon! These bassists, and many more, prove to be an essential piece in the puzzle of a wide range of bands. They’re the hero your band deserves. But not the one it needs right now.

The Drummer – Michael Fleetwood

It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front. So said Nelson Mandela. That must have been Mick Fleetwood’s mantra too, founding member of Fleetwood Mac! The drummer makes sure everyone in the band is on the same page, and that everyone at the party is playing nicely. They’re very quick to shoot down anybody who even suggests that the drummer is “just hitting things” or “keeping the beat”. These people will be left aghast at the drummer’s mighty talents. Maybe the most focused member of the group, they’re also an incredible multi-tasker, able to handle lots of situations at once.

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Which Band Member Are You?
Which Band Member Are You?
Which Band Member Are You?

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