Your first year at university is the start of a magical adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! You’ll find out a lot about your course-mates in your first year, and yourself too. We’ve put together our list of 5 students we think you’re sure to run into during uni life. See yourself on this list? Let us know in the poll below!

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What Kind of Student Are You?
What Kind of Student Are You?
What Kind of Student Are You?
What Kind of Student Are You

The Top Lad or Lass

The undisputed King of Bants, the Archbishop of Banterbury, the Bantersaurus Rex. This top lad or lass isn’t happy unless they’re the centre of attention. Rolling into lectures late, nursing a hangover, they’ll put more focus on their sports teams and social life than their studies. Their antics can go too far, but you’re likely to enjoy a great night out with them every once in a while. Just don’t make it every night!

The Gap Year

A year older and “more mature” than most of the students on your course, The Gap Year constantly regales you with tales from their travels. They’ll tell the same six stories, which you’ve heard a hundred times, to wide-eyed new audiences. And they get suspiciously more outlandish with each retelling. Over the summer, their Instagram feeds are full of photos abroad, even if they’ve stayed home!


The Exaggerator

Be it deadlines, exams or just what to have for dinner, The Exaggerator has always got far too much on their plate. This student’s always panicking about something. Looking at them, you’d think they were up to their eyeballs in work, but frustratingly, they actually have everything in place. They’re always well-prepared for exams with weeks to spare, and there’s never a rush against the clock to get an assignment finished.

The Over-Achiever

You might see this student at the odd lecture or seminar but for most of the year, they seem to disappear off the face of the Earth. Despite never showing up to classes, you’ll see The Over-Achiever on results days or exams, breezing through their assignments. A quick tip; unfollow their social media. Otherwise you’ll be constantly comparing yourself, baffled at how they seemingly put in so little work and yet get such great results.


The Library Lover

You’ll never see anybody in the library nearly as much as this student. Got time between classes? Library. Got a late start? Library. Got a week off? You guessed it! The most studious of students, they work hard and get the results they deserve. Their definition of “making the most of university” doesn’t quite line up with the Top Lads and Lasses, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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