Photography has changed a lot over the years. Once available only to those with enough money and time; nowadays, armed with smartphones, it seems we can all be photographers! At The Insurance Emporium, we want everyone to be able to get snap happy however they go about their photo-adventures! So we’ve come up with a guide to the most common kinds of photographer you’ll meet. And it’s time to find out – what kind of photographer are you? Let us know in our poll below!

What kind of photographer are you? Taking picture of food on smart phone.

1. The Theme Queen

Reaching royalty status in the world of Instagram is quite a feat. These are the photographers who wouldn’t dream of posting a pic that disrupted their theme! Their pics will require tons of planning to ensure they remain cohesive at all times. Their Instagram feed looks amazing, but you get the feeling it might have taken just a little too much time and effort!

2. Crazy Cat Person

The Crazy Cat Person is just that – crazy about their cat! As well as any cats they might come across! And cat memes. For them, there’s nothing else to photograph in the world apart from cats. However, we love our feline friends here at The Insurance Emporium, which makes us wonder; can you have too many photos of cats?

What kind of photographer are you? Taking selfie with stick.

3. Snapchat Supremo

These guys are unable to post a photo without a quirky filter and a pair of cat ears! They have an appropriate filter for any occasion, and their selfies are always accompanied by exaggerated doe eyes, when they’re not face swapping with their dog. The Snapchat Supremo has absolutely no comprehension that there was even a time when you didn’t take pictures on your smartphone!

4. The Confused Relative

We all have one! After finally discovering Facebook they may have spent hours calling you to see if you had received their ‘Poke.’ Now they’ve discovered Instagram, and possibly have a short, eclectic feed consisting of a selfie that resembles a mug shot, a picture of half of their garden, and some stolen inspirational quotes!

What kind of photographer are you? Man taking landscape photography.

5. The Traditionalist

Smartphones could be akin to blasphemy in the eyes of The Traditionalist! Rarely seen without a bag packed with equipment, these are the guys who set up a full on photoshoot for a casual group photo. They’re knowledgeable about every type of lens, lighting and style, and concern themselves with the ‘art’ of photography.

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What type of photographer are you?
What type of photographer are you?
What type of photographer are you?

What do you think is your inner photography identity? Do you live and die for Instagram, or stick to 35mm film? Are you an aspiring David Bailey, or are you lucky to get everyone’s heads in shot? Whatever your style, it might help you get the correct focus by covering your equipment with Camera Insurance! The Insurance Emporium offer a 25% Introductory Discount!* Get snappy and head to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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