Caravan sites are host to a diverse bunch! From novices to pros you’ll find people from all walks of life, there to make the most of their adventures. For better or worse, there are some characters that you’re certain to meet during your time away. Find out all about these five types of caravanners below and see if you recognise any!

Types of caravanner - kids playing in the mud

1. How Did They Fit it All in There?

These are the people who rock up with a caravan that’s clearly too small to contain their four kids, two dogs and everything that comes with them! Their activity-packed family holiday means their caravan is stuffed with bikes, inflatables, sports equipment and more! To the point where you have no idea how all that could fit into such a confined space. The only time you’ll get to talk to them is when they’re apologising because their mud-covered youngest has just hit a ball through your car window.

2. The Life and Soul

You’ll definitely meet these people at some point during your holiday, and so will everybody else! The life and soul of the park, they’ll be knocking on doors to invite all the neighbours over for drinks. They’ve probably been coming to this particular campsite for the past thirty years, so they’ll be able to give you advice on everything you could possibly need. Everyone agrees they’re lovely people. However, if you’ve come away for some alone time, they might be best avoided!

Types of caravanner - Mr. Know it All

3. The Know it All

There are some people in this world who are experts. And there are some who think they’re experts. The Know it All falls into the second category. They’ll never miss an opportunity to tell you you’ve mounted your tow bar incorrectly or to show you their state of the art waste container, that’s far superior to yours. If you get into any kind of pickle, they’ll be sure to appear, as if from nowhere, with a complete tool kit and begin fixing the issue. Then they’ll do their best to make you feel like you’re really putting them out!   

4. The Lap of Luxury

These guys know how to caravan in style! Their brand new caravan is sleek, stylish, shiny and comes with all the mod-cons. For them, a caravan holiday doesn’t mean having to rough it or do without luxury for a week. They mostly keep themselves to themselves, unless they’re the kind who also likes to flaunt their home-away-from-home by inviting you in. If you don’t see them at all during your time away, it’ll be because they’re too busy using the many facilities their caravan has to offer!

Types of caravanner - annoying neighbours having a party

5. Noisy Neighbours

You’ll definitely notice them! They’ve come to the campsite to party, and party they will. Showing no respect for the proximity of their neighbours, they’re sure to have their music turned up to eleven. If you’re lucky, they might even bring strobe or disco lights. Spending all morning asleep, their parties go on all night, despite the loud protests of every other resident. If you thought The Know it All was irritating, these guys really know how to take annoying up a notch!   

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