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Horses are fascinating creatures. Not only are they elegant, but they’re used for a whole range of activities and have been for centuries. Perhaps they may not be as crucial to us humans as they once were before the days of car travel, but they’re certainly no less majestic! Many horses stay healthy and active until a ripe old age as well, with scores of them getting well beyond the 20-year barrier. But unfortunately, when they get to these sorts of ages, there also becomes an increased chance of falling victim to an unexpected injury or illness. Read on or check out our handy claims infographic above to find out more.

Keeping Other Colours of Horse at Bay!

Horses and ponies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. There are also numerous breeds which are particularly famous or synonymous with specific geographical locations, such as the Andalusian, the Camargue and the Caspian. Even amongst these specific breeds, there can be a range of difficult colours. Bay horses, a reddish-brown with black mane and tale, are by far our most popular colour of insured horse. Well over a third (35.40%, to be precise!) of all claims we received were made for bay horses!

Safer in September

We all love a summer hack on horses. The better weather just makes it an all-round more pleasant experience, generally. So, with that in mind, it won’t be a shock to learn that August is the month with the most claims. However, what is rather surprising is that September is the month with the least. We received a measly 3.93% of our annual claims in September. That’s quite a come down from the 11.80% of one month earlier!

Neigh-bourly love?

­Everyone gets involved in a bit of a tiff every now and then. That’s just the way of the world – after all, we can’t be happy all the time! It’s a pretty common conception that we all get grumpier with age too, and apparently we aren’t the only ones to suffer from this affliction! It appears that horses do too. The most common cause of injury was a kick or bite from another horse – so pay close attention to paddock mates!


They say that a dog’s bark is worse than its bite and that was certainly the case for one poor horse, who found that out the hard way. Spooked by a yappy dog whilst out on a ride, the steed tumbled onto a central reservation barrier and suffered an injury to the leg. Despite their powerful physique, horses can be rather dainty, so it’s a wonder this one didn’t suffer a worse injury.

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