Wedding Insurance


When it comes to your wedding day, you will want everything to go right so that you and your partner can enjoy the most magical celebrations. Yet, with so much to arrange, things might not always go according to plan. At The Insurance Emporium, we want to help ease some of the stress that might come with your big day, so here are some tips to ensure it runs smoothly. Also, we understand that the safety net of insurance can help ease stress in case things do go wrong. That’s why we’re offering a discount on our Top Pick wedding insurance policy, Amethyst, which is now available from £27 with the promo code AMETH99*. Read on for tips to ensure your nuptials go nicely!

Wedding Insurance

Going in the right direction…

When posting your invitations, including directions to your wedding and reception venues can help to ensure that your guests make it there on time. This is particularly true if the location that you have picked for your celebrations isn’t somewhere that they are familiar with. While most people will just use GPS to get there anyway, your directions could help them look out for landmarks that make particular turnings stand out. This preparation could mean less time taking phone calls and directing lost guests while you’re trying to get ready on the day!

In the bag!

It’s useful to have a bag of emergency supplies in case things go wrong. This bag could include things like painkillers for pre-wedding stress headaches, chalk to cover wedding dress stains, plasters for blisters caused by formal shoes and perhaps even a bottle of water to make sure you get enough fluids throughout the day – or to cancel out that champagne breakfast! It might be helpful to pack this bag a few days prior to the wedding so that it’s ready for you rather than an extra thing to worry about on the morning of your matrimony. You could write a list of items you need and cross them off as you pack them.

Water-tight weather plans

While people often prefer to enjoy their ceremony and wedding photos in bright sunshine, the weather doesn’t always have the same ideas. If your nuptials are taking place in the UK, well, you already know how likely it is to rain! You might have more luck abroad but, even then, the sun isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, it could be useful to have a game plan in the event that it’s dark and dismal on your big day. Shawls and gloves are good for your wedding party to have to hand if it’s cold. For rain, you could select a location that’s undercover for your photos and you might consider having some umbrellas out for your guests to use. Perhaps you could even incorporate pretty, matching umbrellas into your wedding photos!

Got the time?

There’s always a lot to do on the morning of the wedding. There’s your usual morning routine plus putting your formalwear on, getting your hair styled and having your makeup done – some people, grooms in particular, might choose to skip that last one! Things are likely to take a bit longer and you might want time for a glass of wine or a beer, so it could be worth setting an alarm a fair bit earlier than usual – or two, if you’re a night owl – to make sure you’re all sorted and ready to go on time. We get that it’s tradition for the brides to arrive a bit late but nobody wants to miss their whole ceremony!

Sort a schedule

Plan out your schedule for the day and try to memorise it. Putting all your events throughout the day in order, such as your service, photographs, first dance and so on, could help you keep things moving along. It might still be worth allowing time for things to overrun slightly, as these events often do! As long as you and your partner are in the right place when you need to be then you’ve done all that’s required. One thing that could be worth scheduling in, amidst all the craziness of your big day, is some time to spend alone with your new spouse. Seeing each other might help you to unwind because, after all, your love is what your big day is all about!

Wedding Insurance

These tips might help to make your wedding the happiest day of your life. Nevertheless, it might be handy to have a strategy in case things don’t quite go to plan. That’s why we’re offering a premium discount on our Top Pick wedding policy, Amethyst, which is now available from £27 with the promo code AMETH99*. This policy includes a range of Standard Benefits to cover you in case things go wrong, including up to £10,000^ for Cancellation. Do you like the sound of wedding insurance? If your answer is ‘I do’ then stop by The Insurance Emporium today!

*Offer ends 31/03/18.

^Available on UK and Overseas Amethyst Wedding policies only.

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