As every dog owner is aware, our canine friends are pretty special! Some pups, however, have been specially trained to perform certain duties in their role of working dogs. At The Insurance Emporium, we’ve been looking into some of the less well-known activities that dogs can get into. Here’s our infographic rounding up five of the more unusual jobs for dogs!

Saving the bees

In America, sniffer dogs are working in an attempt to save honeybees. These bees have seen a steady decline over the past few decades, and one of the reasons is a bacteria called foulbrood, which is harmless to humans, but can decimate bee populations. Specially trained dogs are able to detect foulbrood simply by sniffing a hive, and could help to prevent the bacteria from spreading.

Water Rescue

A dog’s work isn’t just confined to the land! Some breeds, such as Newfoundlands, are perfectly suited to providing a top notch life guard service! They are trained to recognise signs of distress, swimming out to victims, who can then grab hold of a handle on the dog’s life jacket and be towed to safety! If a person is unconscious, some dogs will even pull them gently back to shore by the arm.


It might not be an obvious job for a dog, but over in America and Canada, there have been several dogs working as elected mayors over the years! The best known canine mayor was Duke, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, who was voted in as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota four years in a row before his retirement in 2018! He even released a book titled, ‘Meet Mayor Duke’, last year!

Art protector

Last year, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts in America decided to add a dog to their workforce. The Weimararner pup, named Riley, has been trained to sniff out any bugs, such as moths, silverfish and beetles, which could potentially damage valuable books and artwork! When he finds a scent, he has been trained to sit down in front of the contaminated object, which can then be taken away for inspection!

Disease detection

It’s common knowledge that dogs have a fantastic sense of smell! Some, such as the cute canines at our charity friends, Medical Detection Dogs, can smell certain diseases in humans, including malaria, cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s! In some cases, they seem to be even more reliable at finding disease than contemporary medical technology used in screening.

There are many other ways in which our canine friends are employed all over the world, some of which involve really important life-saving work. We know that all hounds are heroic in their own way, which is why you might want to help protect them with dog insurance. The Insurance Emporium offer flexible Dog Insurance with up to 30% discount* on policies. Head to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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