Are you the bassist in a band? Fed up with getting very little of the recognition lapped up by your fellow band members? The bass guitarist can often be overlooked in favour of more showy lead guitarists and vocalists. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back with our top six reasons why the bassist is the most important member of the band!

Why the bassist is the most important member of the band

1. Science says so

Let’s start with the hard science. A study published in 2017 showed that our brains can detect lower-pitched sounds more successfully than higher notes. This means it’s easier to notice when low sounds are out of rhythm. Subjects were also more likely to tap their feet and hands along to the bassline. So bass equals groove. 

2. Get up and go!

A second scientific study, from 2014, found a link between music with high levels of bass and the feeling of empowerment! The next time you’re prepping yourself for a big interview or social event, why not crank up the heavy metal and see if it gives you a confidence boost?

3. Get rhythm

Why the bassist is the most important member of the band

The bassline really is the foundation of any multi-instrumental song. Unless you’re a one-person band with your voice and guitar, you’ll want that bassline to provide the depth to the tune. It’s the line everyone else can riff off, forming the base for harmonies, rhythm and ultimately the entire structure of your song!

4. All about that bass

Where would some of the greatest songs be without their bassline? Imagine Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust without those low notes rousing everyone. Pink Floyd’s Money would be hollow without one. What about The Chain by Fleetwood Mac, with arguably the most recognisable bassline of all time? We’re not sure these songs would have reached their legendary statuses if it wasn’t for that bass…  

5. The bassist is generous

If you’re looking for the band member who consistently gives rather than taking, search no further than your bassist. They bring fullness to your tunes from which everyone else can play. The bassist rarely gets the glory. However, they’re not often heard complaining about it, and keep supplying their legendary riffs regardless.  

Why the bassist is the most important member of the band

6. What about Prince?

Yes, When Doves Cry is a great song. It also has absolutely no bassline. But how many other songs of that calibre can you think of with no bassline? Even if a band doesn’t have a bass guitarist, they will more than likely be using octave pedals or other effects to create one, like The White Stripes or The Doors. But why bother with the hassle? Get yourself a bassist instead!

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