With so many magical places to see and so many adventures to go on, there might be no better time to invest in your first caravan. Whether you’re hooking up a tourer and hitting the road or buying a static to enjoy quiet weekends away, deciding on your first caravan can be a very big decision. Here at The Insurance Emporium, we want to try and help get your passion for caravanning off to the best possible start. That’s why we put together a guide on buying your first caravan.

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Should I stay or should I go?

The first big decision that you’ll have to make is whether you want to invest in a static or a touring caravan. If you like the idea of visiting different places and have the confidence to tow, a touring caravan could be the right choice for you. If you’re more into the idea of having a holiday home somewhere ready and waiting for you, maybe a static caravan is the way to go for you.

Tow your roll

If you do decide that towing away on an adventure in a touring caravan is right for you, then there are some things you might want to think about. Firstly, are you confident enough to tow it on the road? When you’re going on holiday the chances are you’ll have to tow on everything from busy motorways to tight country lanes. On top of that, you’ll need to ensure that your car is big enough to pull whichever caravan you pick, Towsafe could be helpful in figuring this out.

Beat the budget blues

It’s the same with any new purchase but ensuring that you’re clear on your budget before starting to shop. There could be no point looking at ‘vans that are way out of your bracket, that’s just torturing yourself! Instead, head to a dealership and tell them what you’re looking for and the money that you have to spend. They might be able to guide you in the right direction.

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Layout your plans

There are all kinds of options available when it comes to the layout of your caravan so it might be worth doing a lot of looking around and figuring out which is best for you. When it comes to touring caravans you could find yourself preferring a fixed bed option to avoid the rigmarole of making up your bed every night, or maybe you like the idea of an end kitchen. There are too many configurations to mention! Similarly, with static caravans there is more space so you’ll want to check that it’s best used to your tastes and needs.

Giving berth a thought

Are you a family of four with young children? A retired couple holidaying alone? Your own personal set of circumstances could make a big difference in choosing how many beds your caravan will need. There might be little sense in a couple buying a six berth only to sleep in one bed! It might be important to think selfishly at this point, trying to be kind and take into account friends or family who ‘might’ use it could leave you with a huge caravan that doesn’t ever get full use.

Caravan Insurance

Give it a good once over

There might be some fantastic bargains and deals to be had when purchasing a second-hand caravan but it could also be a time to exercise caution. It might be all too easy to turn up to view a caravan, get caught in the excitement and shake hands before you’ve even had a good look. When you’re parting with your money, making sure that you’ve had a thorough look both inside and out could be vitally important. Some things to look out for are damp, gas and electric hook-ups, window and doors seals and any external damage.

Purchasing your first caravan truly can be the start of a wonderful adventure, with many magical holidays to take your new ‘van on. You might also want to consider purchasing some insurance for caravans to keep you covered if anything goes awry. At The Insurance Emporium, our Caravan Insurance policies come with Loss, Theft Or Accidental Damage as a Standard Benefit plus a choice of Optional Benefits. Check out The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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