Valentine’s Day is on the way and you may be looking for a date. Maybe you’ve already got plans with someone who just so happens to be musically inclined! To many people, musicians are instantly more attractive than everyone else. That’s why you might be feeling particularly pleased with yourself if your potential partner can play an instrument. If you’re hoping to be serenaded by a musical virtuoso this Valentine’s Day, here’s a few things that might happen if a relationship blossoms.

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Free gigs!

If your date performs live, chances are you’ll be asked to go along to their shows for moral support. This means that you’ll attend a lot of gigs that you might not have known about otherwise. As well as seeing your beloved’s band, you’ll probably get to discover a number of other talented acts and musicians that could find a place in your record collection. What’s more, if your musical sweetheart is able to pull a few strings, they might be able to get your name onto the guest list. That means going to free shows and feeling pretty important as you walk past queuing fans while the bouncers wave you into the venue! Of course, you’ll have to actually like your companion’s music to see this as a positive!

Part-time roadie…

Were you expecting things to always be glamourous? Part of the reason why you might get into your partner’s gigs for free is that you could get roped into becoming a roadie. What might start out as simply going along to watch them play could morph into helping them carry their equipment in and out of venues, helping them set up and, before you know it, you might find yourself managing their merchandise stand! That said, at least it’ll give you something to do while your other half is schmoozing and chatting with fans after their set. Also, if they’re a good partner, they’ll be very appreciative of the efforts you put in for them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even write a complimentary song about you!

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So many songs…

Since music is your date’s passion, it’s likely to play a big part in their day-to-day lives and could filter into yours by proxy. They are likely to take inspiration from a wide range of bands and artists before them, and they might be keen to share them with you. Pretty soon, you’ll hear all sorts of new music if you’re at their house, in their car or whenever any other opportunity presents itself! The plus side of this is that you’ll get to add plenty of songs to your playlists. Of course, on top of this, you’ll probably be asked to listen to any riffs, melodies or solos that your partner has just written, as well as any rough recordings of their band. This is great if you like their music but try to be encouraging if not!

Always late…

Don’t expect your sweetheart to stick to a schedule. Their rehearsals will frequently overrun, they’ll usually leave their gigs later than they said they would, band meetings will take longer than expected and inspiration for a new song could strike at the most inconvenient of times! Understand that they aren’t being flaky on purpose but sometimes certain matters could be out of their hands. They may get held up by other bandmates, they might spend time chasing promoters for their payment at gigs or they might even be fortunate enough to meet a useful contact after a set. If you’re understanding with them and they’re a good person to date, they should appreciate your support.

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Plenty of space!

If you prefer to have plenty of space to pursue your own hobbies or social life then you will likely be able to do this if your partner is a musician. While some romantic companions would want to spend every moment of free time with you, this is unlikely if they’re a musician. A lot of their time will be taken up with song writing, band practice, gigs and possibly even tours. They may also have a separate job to supplement their musicianship, which will be a major priority. For you, this means you might be with a great partner who won’t turn you into that person who “doesn’t hang out anymore ever since they got into a relationship”!

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