Going on holiday in your caravan can be the ultimate in terms of liberating and leisurely adventures. You can just hook your caravan up to your car and drive to the destination you fancy. In the age of technology, there are a lot of inventions coming out to make the experience easier and even more relaxed. Here are 5 gadgets that we think are revolutionising caravanning…

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Back It Up!

A motor mover can make getting your caravan onto the pitch or out of your driveway so much easier. It gives you much more control over your van than you would have when reversing it or physically pushing it to where it needs to be – not to mention it removes the risk of back strains, which you might get from pushing it. Using a wireless remote, you operate a set of rollers on your caravan’s wheels that can move it in any direction, more or less. There are a number of remote movers on the market, including this range from Powrtouch.

Shine On…

If you find yourself camping somewhere with no electrical mains hook up and your battery runs out, it’s useful to have a means of charging it up again. A solar panel is a pretty handy way of keeping your lights, your TV and whatever else you need working. You can either have a freestanding panel for when you are parked up or you can get a professional to fit one to the roof of your caravan. Make sure you have a power regulator in place between the panel and the battery to prevent overcharging. Also ensure the regulator has Maximum Power Point Tracking so that the panel generates the maximum amount of power it can – it’s certainly useful to have in the UK, since it’s often pretty cloudy!

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Stay Toasty

There’s so much you can do through your smartphone these days, including controlling your heating. A remote heating system, like Truma’s iNet System, can be switched on while you are out and about, so that your caravan is nice and cosy for when you get back. It works by installing a central control unit in your van that connects to a compatible heating system, which then lets you control your heating through an app on your phone. Whether you are out hiking, doing some shopping or going sightseeing, you will be able to get your heating going, ready for your return – just as long as you have phone signal.

Level Up

Getting your caravan into a level position can be a real nightmare sometimes. When you’re parking on a grass pitch or somewhere that’s on a bit of a slope, you might find yourself having to deal with caravan jacks, wedges or anything else to sort it out. However, a hydraulic levelling system, such as the E&P Hydraulics Levelsystem, can deal with all that for you. It works by mounting two hydraulic jacks and four corner steadies to your caravan. With the push of a button, the system can get to work automatically, or you can operate it manually. It’s a much quicker solution than the old-fashioned methods, which will save you from dealing with a wobbly caravan.

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Wash and Go!

If you’re staying at a campsite with no launderette, or you just don’t fancy paying for one, a portable washing machine could do the job for you. Definitely useful if an outfit you’ve planned to wear has become dirty or if you don’t want to pack too many clothes for a particular trip. You could try the Swiss Luxx Twin Tub Travel Washing Machine, which is fairly light and can just be left running until it finishes its cycle. It also has a spin bucket that can get most water out of your clothes so that they dry faster on the line.

No doubt the amount of tech available to caravanners will continue to increase, and anything that adds to the excitement or ease of a caravan holiday is always welcome. One non-tech thing that could make your caravan adventures more hassle free is insurance. The Insurance Emporium’s tweakable Touring Caravan Insurance policies come with Standard Benefits, such as 100% cover for Loss, Theft Or Accidental Damage. If you think this could help keep your adventures rolling, contact The Insurance Emporium today!

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