As we move towards spring, the days will be getting longer and the temperatures warmer. It’s the perfect time of year for your cat to head out on their adventures and explore the world around them, or even just lay in the sun and soak up some rays! With the change in season, there can be some important things to keep an eye on to ensure that your moggy has a spring in their step as we move away from winter. Here at The Insurance Emporium, your pet and their health are important to us and so we want to help you keep your feline feeling fabulous. To try and assist you in this, we’ve put together our top spring cat-care tips!

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Itchy and scratchy

Most of us know that spring can be a nightmare when it comes to allergies, the flowers are blooming and that might mean more pollen in the air and a lot more sneezing! Many pet owners could be unaware but this might not be much different for your feline. A lot of their allergies are skin-related and can include itchiness and inflammation. Excessive scratching and biting or chewing at their fur can be a tell-tale sign. If you think that you’ve spotted an issue then the first step might be a trip to the vets. They could identify what is causing your cat discomfort and rule out any other potentially harmful problems. Giving your pet a frequent bath could wash away the allergens on your cat’s skin and help to soothe the itching. Similarly, making sure that you vacuum and clean the inside of your house might help to remove the allergens from your cat’s indoor environment. You could also think about using natural supplements such as Quercetin or Omega-3 acids to act as a natural antihistamine. We’d always suggest checking with your vet before altering your cat’s diet or giving them supplements!

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A chip off the old block

With the warmer weather, it’s more likely that your cat will want to get out and about. As your moggy goes meandering, there is always a chance that they could end up a little far from home and struggle to find their way back. If your pet does go missing then a kitty collar could be vital for identification, including your name, address and a contact number. This means that if your cat ends up lost or stuck in someone’s garage then they might be identified and returned to you as quickly as possible. The downside to just having a collar could be their tendency to fall off or be removed. That’s why having your cat microchipped could be the key to identifying your moggy. Pet microchipping means that they can be scanned in at any vets, revealing their owners details and meaning there could be a hugely improved chance of the return of your beloved cat. This reliable and permanent form of identification can be administered relatively quickly and painlessly, giving you peace of mind when your feline goes on an adventure!

Ticking off the fleas!

Many pet owners might already know that the warmer months can often lead to the appearance of fleas and ticks. Fleas can lead to persistent scratching and result in red sores on your animal, which can be quite uncomfortable for your cat. The best thing to do when you think that you’ve spotted the symptoms might be to head to your vet and get an appropriate course of treatment. If you do want to try treating them yourself, it could be essential to make sure that you don’t use any dog flea products. These may contain an active ingredient called permethrin that can be toxic for cats. When it comes to ticks, it might be advisable to avoid pulling them out individually by hand and purchase a tool, such as the Mikki Pet Tick Picker, instead. If you’re looking to treat your animal after a case of fleas or ticks then it could be extremely important to ensure that you treat the whole house as opposed to just the animal, this might limit the chances of your cat becoming re-infected. Another outbreak could really tick you off!

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Cat-conscious cleaning

Spring is traditionally the time of year to have a good old clean around the house. Getting the scrubbing brush out and giving your abode a freshen-up can leave you feeling great but it’s not necessarily the same story for your cat! Cleaning products, though they may leave your home smelling fresh, can be potentially toxic for your feline. When you’re doing your domestic duties, you might want to keep your products well out of the way of your cats or consider purchasing pet-friendly options. Doing a little bit of research and finding products that don’t harm your pets could make a huge difference. Natural and Clean provide a whole range of products that are designed to be safe for your cat. When using floor cleaners, ensuring that they’re well diluted might mean that they are less likely to irritate your kitty’s delicate paws. Finally, keeping the windows open whilst you clean could allow the fumes from these cleaning products to escape quicker and keep your home a safe environment for your cat!

The change in season from winter to spring can be a magical time but it can have effects on all of us, including our precious pets! It could be important to keep an extra vigilant eye on your cat as these changes in temperature and environment take place. It might also be helpful to take out some insurance for cats. At The Insurance Emporium, our new Cat Insurance policies include a 20% Introductory Discount for new policies and offers cover for Vet’s Fees up to £8,000*. Don’t ‘paws’ for thought – head to The Insurance Emporium today!

*On the Lunar Monthly Lifetime Gold policy. Vet’s Fees does not cover treatment for worming or the killing or controlling of fleas. Lifetime policy means your pet gets Vet’s Fees cover throughout their life as long as you keep your premiums up-to-date.

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