What is the greatest adventure in your life? Show us and you could win 1 of 10 FREE Amazon vouchers worth £25! At The Insurance Emporium, we have been privileged to witness some of Mr Benn’s most exciting adventures. From blasting off with three astronauts into space to playing volcano golf with his friend Eddie, […]

Caravan awnings: Stay traditional or take to the air?

Erecting a caravan awning can be a real ordeal. There’s a reason that it’s often known as “divorce in a bag”! A two-person job, it requires composure, persistence and a whole lot of patience. Intricately threading the piping can be especially expletive-inducing, but fear not! Help is at hand. Inflatable air awnings can take some […]


Spring and summer are fast approaching and at The Insurance Emporium we are finding it hard to contain our excitement! The warmer weather and the longer, lighter days mean that we can soon start planning our latest caravan adventures. Our little island has some of the best spots in the world to take your touring […]


The word caravan originates from the medieval Persian word karwan which means “group of desert travellers”. It might be highly unlikely (not to mention rather warm!) that you ever find yourself in a desert with your caravan, but misfortune can still occur in less extreme conditions. Caravanning can deliver a sense of joy and freedom […]