Embarking on a caravan holiday can be the start of a magical adventure for you and all the family! To make sure the holiday goes smoothly, you’ll want to ensure everyone’s having a good time. Mum and dad’s idea of fun might be a bit different than the little ones! That’s why we’re taking a look at different ways to keep your kids entertained on a caravan holiday!

Location, location, location

There are countless great caravan parks across the UK, not to mention overseas! Some are undoubtedly more family-friendly than others. You’ll definitely want to check the park’s facilities to see if it’s suitable for your kids. Look for things like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, kids’ clubs and a variety of on-site activities aimed at a younger audience. You might also want to think about driving distance – we all know how restless younger passengers can get on long journeys!

Family activities

Before you book your holiday, make sure you do your research! Find some activities in or near your caravan park that you can enjoy as a family. Depending on where you’re camping, you could find anything from mini golf to archery, kayaking and treetop adventures! You could even do something as simple as a trip to the park or a nearby town or museum. You don’t have to break the bank to find something that everyone will enjoy.

Just for the kids

As lovely as spending time as a family can be, your kids will inevitably want to spend time away from the tether of their parents! Make sure there are plenty of things to do with other kids their age. Kids’ clubs can be a fantastic way for them to explore and socialise on their own terms while you can rest assured that they’ll be safe. Or why not break from the usual bedtime routine by letting them go to a disco? The young ones are sure to enjoy the freedom, and you will too!


For gloomy days or cosy nights in, you can’t beat a family game night! All you need is a pack of cards and you can teach your kids some fun time-wasters, like Go Fish, Cheat, or Snap for the younger players. Classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble or Snakes & Ladders always go down well too! Or why not join in on playing your kids’ favourite video games? They might enjoy the change of pace teaching you their games, rather than the other way around!

Cooking together

A caravan could be the perfect chance to teach the kids some culinary skills incorporating the outdoors! They might love making homemade burgers, and you could teach them about starting the barbecue. Just make sure they stay safe, as we don’t recommend this for younger children! If your site allows camp fires, you could even sit around and toast marshmallows. Bonus points if you tell some spooky ghost stories!

Story time

Books can be another great way to keep the kids entertained (and quiet!) on a rainy day or in the evening. It gets them away from the screens of tablets, phones and games consoles too, which is a bonus for some parents. If they’re into the superhero mania, why not introduce them to some comic books to spark their interest in reading?

The more, the merrier!

Going on a caravan holiday as part of a group can be a great experience for you and the kids! The more adults there are, the easier it should be to share the load of looking after the young ones. Even better, more kids should make it easier for them to entertain themselves and have a great time, leaving you to relax! The young ones might even be more inclined to take part in activities if they’ve got children their age to chum about with.

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