Weddings can be truly magical occasions! But they don’t organise themselves, they’re the result of a lot of meticulous planning! At The Insurance Emporium, we know how important it can be to really inject a spark of personality and adventure into your big day! That’s why we’ve come up with this selection of 5 great ways to get you to and from your wedding in style!

Wedding Insurance

1. On the buses!

If you need to move both yourselves and your wedding guests between venues, why not think about hiring a bus? For a classic look, you could go for a traditional red London Routemaster (not to mention the extra capacity it offers!). Alternatively, you might opt for a 1950s bus with a truly retro feel, or even a yellow American school bus! Public transport has never looked so good!

2. Something slightly smaller…

For something more petite that retains the fun factor, maybe you could consider hiring a tuk tuk! Essentially a motorised rickshaw, tuk tuks originated in Asia, and come in a huge variety of vibrant colour schemes that really stand out! Alternatively, if you’re looking for something small that doesn’t shout quite so loud, how about a golf buggy? Perfect if your big day is somewhere sporty!    

3. Shine like a star!

For the fans of TV and movies amongst us, there are a whole host of memorable vehicles from both the big and small screen available! Go for something fun like the car from Ghostbusters or the Reliant Robin from Only Fool’s and Horses. Or you could look like you really mean business in a Batmobile! If, however, you’re looking for something with less novelty but all of the style, how about a James Bond-style Aston Martin?

4. The country life for me!

Looking for something with a rural feel? Don’t rule out digging or farming equipment! There are many options out there for repurposed and repainted farming vehicles that look smart and might really make an impression! You could even attach a trailer to carry your guests to and from locations. Even if it’s not the most glamorous, it’s definitely a practical option!

5. Back to basics!

If your ceremony and reception are close to one another, and the weather’s decent, why not walk? We know it might not sound the most exciting prospect. You could, however, turn it into a large and loud statement by travelling with your own New Orleans-style brass band! If you’re working to a tight budget, it might also be a way to shave some pounds from the cost of your big day!

However you choose to travel to and from your wedding, it will always be a magical adventure that you’ll treasure! To give yourself peace of mind after all that planning, it might be worth thinking about taking out Wedding Insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer wedding cover with a One-off Premium, including cover for Cars and Transport up to £5,000*. Get yourself down to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!       

* Cover for Cars and Transport of £5,000 available on Diamond policies only.

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